Tips for Tenants

As a tenant of a private rental property it’s important to be aware of both your rights and responsibilities. Knowledge of key areas in relation to renting will help you to ensure you get the most from your tenancy and you’re equipped for dealing with any challenges that may arise.

Below you can find a number of useful advice, support and information pages that cover what you need to know as a tenant in a private rented property.

This includes a downloadable home viewing checklist along with guidance on topics such as deposits, tenancy types and wear and tear.

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tick Moving Checklist

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. We’re here to help you every step of the way, with our handy moving checklist. You can even download and print the checklist.


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info Tips for being referenced

We know how exciting (and stressful) it can be when waiting to find out if you can rent a property. We’ve put together a few top tips to shed light on the tenant referencing process and how you could help speed things up.

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tip icon Becoming a tenant for the first time

Finding and moving into your first rental property can be an exciting but also daunting experience. Keep reading for useful insights on finding the ideal home, your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and as well as moving in tips. 

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Tenants tips for students moving home

house Guide to surviving Uni Life - Part 1

Being a student is an exciting time but moving can be stressful, as there can be a lot to remember and arrange. Plan ahead and use our guide to make sure you cover the key things for the big move. 

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managing money 1

people Guide to surviving Uni Life - Part 2

Student life is one of the most exciting times, but managing your money may be difficult. Our useful guide provides helpful hints and tips on how to manage your money whilst at Uni. 

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keeping safe 1

gbp Guide to surviving Uni Life - Part 3

New place, new area! Although it is a very exciting time, it is important to keep yourself and your possessions safe. Check out, our keeping safe guide for students which has three simple tips to follow.

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tip icon Making the switch from student halls to a private rented property

Moving from halls to a private rented property ready for year two of uni? We're here to help you make the switch.

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tip icon Moving and settling into your new rental home

Moving to a new rental property can feel like a big upheaval. These top tips can help make the move run smoothly.

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house What are my rights as a tenant?

As a tenant moving into a private rented property, you have a number of rights and responsibilities. You can usually find these in your tenancy agreement, but we've also outlined the basics below.

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tick Renting Rules for Landlords and Tenants

View our Renting Rules eBook for top tips for both landlords and tenants. You’ll also find views from bloggers who wanted to share their own personal stories of being tenants.

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house break in

protection Do tenants need contents insurance?

To give you peace of mind, contents insurance ensures that, should the worst come to the worst and your personal possessions are damaged or stolen, you’ll have the means to cover and recoup the cost.

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Tenancy types

tip icon Tenancy types: A breakdown

When renting a property, it's crucial to understand your rights as a tenant. These rights are determined by the type of tenancy or license you have, which you can learn more about in this post.

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Monthly budgeting practices

lightbulb Monthly budgeting: best practices

Before you move into a rented home, it’s essential you calculate whether you can afford it or not. Here's how you can budget to move and always make sure you have enough money to pay the rent.

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tip icon What is tenants contents insurance?

Contents insurance is there to protect you against the cost of your possessions being damaged or stolen, however not everyone has a suitable policy. In this guide, we'll talk all about what's what.

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Plumber Fixing Boiler

house What is a 'reasonable' repair request?

When it comes to repairs, what are the responsibilities of you and your landlord? We've taken a look at reasonable repair requests and what’s required of landlords and tenants.

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keys and tenancy agreement

info What to look out for in a tenancy agreement

As a tenant, you should be paying extra attention to your tenancy agreement. Acting as a binding contract between you and your landlord, it sets out the legal terms and conditions of your tenancy.

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Ten questions to ask when viewing a rental property

info Ten questions to ask when viewing a rental property

By asking enough quality questions, you should come away from a property viewing with lots of useful information and less chance of surprises after you’ve moved into your new home. 

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Neighbour disputes tips

tip icon Neighbour disputes: How should I handle them?

As a tenant, you want to have a good relationship with your neighbours, not only for friendship but for the security of your home. However, if you do happen to have a disagreement, how should you handle it?

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empty home

info A comprehensive guide to the checkout process

Checkouts are an important part of moving out for both you and your landlord. In this guide we'll talk you through the process and requirements to getting your full deposit back.

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