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Answering your questions

We know that insurance can often be complex, so we try our best to make all our communications as straightforward as possible. But if you’re still not sure, or have a question, take a look below for the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please get in touch.

  • What’s covered under HomeLet's insurance?

    We’re industry specialists, so we’ve created our products just for tenants! We have two types of policy to choose from:

    Tenancy Liability

    Up to £10,000 per claim for any accidental damage caused to your landlord’s property, furniture, fixtures, fittings and interior decorations that you’re responsible for

    Contents Incorporating Tenancy Liability

    You receive the protection for your landlord’s items that you’re responsible for, and cover is included for your possessions, too.

    Your own contents are covered up to £50,000 as standard for perils such as fire, theft, flood or escape of water. We offer limited accidental damage, with the option to extend this to all of your items for an additional premium.

    There are further optional extras to cover your personal possessions or pedal cycles out of the home.

    The cover protects you whilst you're moving home and to damage caused by your pets. It also offers more protection around big events such as religious festivals, weddings and birthdays. 

    If you’d like to start your quote, please click here.

  • Do you need to know every item I want to cover?

    No, we don't ask for a list of items to insure. We offer a blanket sum insured of up to £50,000* to protect all of your personal possessions in the home, including your furniture, kitchen appliances, curtains, clothing, televisions, electrical items and jewellery.

    We can insure individual items over £2,500 out of the home, including rings and watches - we'll ask you about these during the quote process.

    *Sums insured above this amount can be considered upon referral to the underwriters.

  • Can Tenants Liability Insurance protect against deposit deductions?

    Tenants Liability Insurance can reduce the risk of 'end of tenancy' deductions as it covers the cost of fixing accidental damage to the Landlord’s items that you’re responsible for as part of the tenancy agreement, as and when they happen.

    Tenants Liability Insurance is not a replacement for your security deposit. As the cover is designed to reduce the risk of deductions from your deposit caused by accidental damage, it won't protect you for deductions from your deposit where you haven't paid all your rent or utility bills or don't leave the place sufficiently clean.

  • Can I cover my bicycle on my policy?

    Pedal cycles are included with the Contents cover, up to £500 per bike when kept in the home.

    For an additional premium, we also offer a pedal cycles extension, to cover your or your household’s bike for loss or damage outside of the home. We’ll ask you about this during the quote process.

  • Are the contents I keep in my garage or shed covered?

    Yes – the possessions you keep in your garage, sheds or other outbuildings are covered for standard perils such as fire, theft and flood.

    There are limitations that apply in relation to theft from an outbuilding, shed or garage. Please refer to our policy wording for more information.

  • What are the exclusions on the policy?

    Some of the policy exclusions are:

    - Loss or damage consisting of wear and tear or gradual deterioration
    - Property more specifically covered by another policy of insurance
    - Any loss, damage, injury or accident that commenced before this policy came into force
    - If the property has been left unoccupied for more than 30 days, there are restrictions in place.

    To review a full list of the policy exclusions, please refer to our policy wording.

  • Do you offer new-for-old cover?

    Our policy provides cover on a new for old basis. During the process of a claim, we will decide whether it’s most appropriate to replace, repair or offer money for your lost or damaged goods. We will always consider what route will be best, depending on the circumstances in question.

  • Is my mobile phone covered?
    Yes, the policy includes mobile phone cover for up to £300 per claim. If you upgrade to include full accidental damage, this will include accidental damage to mobile phones too.
  • Is my partner covered if I share a rented house with them?

    Of course, along with any other family members who live with you permanently.

    We can also cover up to two other sharers (including student tenants), as long as they're named on your tenancy agreement, on just one policy.

  • Will I need to have certain types of locks at my home?

    Some properties have security requirements to doors and accessible windows to protect you and us against loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft. If this is a requirement for your property, we’ll inform you when you take a quote and it will appear in your policy schedule once you take a policy with us.

    If your schedule shows your home needs a certain level of security, we'll only provide cover for theft or attempted theft if the required protection is in place when your home is left unattended.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Just call our claims line on 0330 333 7230. We’re here Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 17:00

    Alternatively, you can find more information on our making a claim page.

  • Do I need to provide proof of ownership for my possessions?

    It’s always a good idea to keep receipts or proof of purchase. If you choose the specified items option, a valuation which is no more than five years old is required in the event of a claim. Please refer to our policy wording for more information.

  • If I make a claim, will this affect my premium?
    If a valid claim is logged, your premium could increase at your next renewal date. We will review your policy and contact you regarding your renewal premium at least 21 days before your renewal date, to give you enough time to review the price. 
  • Do I need to inform you if my circumstances change?
    You need to notify us if any relevant circumstances change as this could impact your cover or any future claims you might need to make. For example, you’d need to let us know about a change of address or anything that would alter the answers and information you provided when you set up your cover. If you’re unsure, just call a member of our friendly team and they can be of assistance. 
  • Can I add Contents Insurance to my Tenants Liability policy?

    Yes, you’re able to call us at any time to include contents insurance or make any amendments* to your cover. Call us on 0800 035 8258 and we’ll be happy to help.

    *Please note that this may be subject to an administration fee.

  • I’ve moved house, am I able to update my address?
    Yes, the policy is transferrable so you can take your policy with you to another rented address. Please call our Customer Care team to make this change.
  • What is the My HomeLet portal?

    My HomeLet is a secure online portal. You’ll be prompted to register to your My HomeLet account when you set up your policy, using the email address you provided us with.

    This is where all of your policy documents, renewal invites and messages will appear. We’ll email you when you’ve got a new document to review on the My HomeLet portal, so you won’t miss a thing!

  • How do I renew my policy?

    Our policies renew on an automatic or non-assumptive renewal basis and we’ll contact you regarding your renewal at least 21 days before your renewal date.

    If you’ve chosen an automatic renewal and you don’t need to make any changes, you don’t need to do anything and your policy will renew automatically.

    If you’ve chosen a non-assumptive renewal, you will need to contact us to renew and pay for your policy.

    Don’t forget to inform us of any changes at renewal that may impact your policy.

  • Can I update my renewal preference?

    Yes, you can update your preference on your My HomeLet Portal or by calling or emailing us. Any change made 28 days within your renewal date will mean we’ll give you a call to discuss how we renew your policy this year.

  • Where do I check when my payments are due and how much it will be?
    These details are held in your policy inception or renewal documents, which will be available to review in the My HomeLet portal or posted to you, if this is your preference. 
  • Can I change my bank account or other payment details?

    Yes you can, call us on 0800 035 8258 to make the changes or, in some circumstances, you may be able to edit payment details on the My HomeLet portal. We can take payments from 1st - 28th of the month. This may impact when your next payment is due, but we’ll send you updated details of this

  • How do I contact HomeLet if I’m outside the UK?

    You can email us at hello@homelet.co.uk or if you’d prefer to talk to us, you can call us on +44 1522 838 514

  • Can I cancel my policy if I change my mind?

    Yes, if you decide the policy isn’t right for you, you have a 14 day cooling off period from the date you receive your policy documents or the start date of your policy, whichever is later.

    Find out more about how to cancel your policy here.

    Please be aware that if you’ve made a valid claim on your policy and want to cancel it before the renewal date, you’ll be liable to pay for the remaining premiums.

  • What is IPT?

    IPT stands for Insurance Premium Tax, which is a variable rate of tax set by HMRC.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    We work very hard to provide the highest standards of customer service but we recognise that there may be occasions when problems arise, and you can help us by telling us what you think of our service. We welcome all your feedback, suggestions, compliments or complaints.

    Find out more about how to make a complaint.