A quality reference is just the start

With 30 years of experience, we’re one of the UK’s leading tenant referencing and specialist suppliers for the Private Rented Sector. With over 300 team members dedicated to providing market-leading support to help businesses grow and develop.

The perfect mix

We understand that things aren’t always as they appear, and real people are needed to understand a situation fully. That’s why we blend the best aspects of technology, data, and people to help make our decisions and deliver the best outcomes for you.

People are our greatest asset, and we make sure they have the tools they need to pick up on suspicious applications and deliver in-depth checks for your business.

Continued innovation

Our group complete a million referencing checks per year on behalf of thousands of agents. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot – that’s why we continually adapt and improve our process to stop fraudulent applicants and protect our customers.

Protecting your business

Our continued innovations, investments in our systems and unique data can provide detailed checks that nobody can match.

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500 Million data points to check against

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Full credit file access for intelligent decision making

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All references checked against the UK’s largest tenant defaults database

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Access to the National Fraud Database

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Consistency of application cross-checking

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Robust emails and applicant behaviour checks to highlight rogue applications

Referencing YOU can trust

To protect our customers, we continually optimise our intelligent checks – mixing the latest in fraud detection with the most experienced team in the market.

Over 200 Tenant Referencing team members are on hand to support our customers across the UK.
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Data shared from a customer base of over 3,700 agents and 1,000,000 annual references.
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Scale and capacity to support any professional agent, with our teams processing over 1,200 references per day.

We’re here for you

We’re here to drive additional income for your business by helping you deliver specialist and trusted services for you landlords. Call our expert team today on 01522 838 535 or arrange a call for a time that suits you.

Our ever-growing armoury of advanced fraud detection is the first line of defence for letting agents, and helping our partner agents protect their customers remains our priority.

Rebecca Baker - Head of Referencing

What we can do for your business…

Here’s how we can benefit your business, find out how we can drive your growth.

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Tenant Insurance

We know what tenants need and want - that's why we offer products specifically for them, which can boost your revenue from every let.

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Earn continuous commission

Earn revenue from every product or service purchased by your tenants and landlords. Leave the selling to our expert teams and watch your income grow.

Over 3,700 letting agents use HomeLet to Placeholder text.

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HomeLet rental index report

Get the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on rental values in the UK.