Tips for Landlords

There are some things every landlord should know. We’ve put together this guide to give you advice, support and information about how to protect your property, keep your tenants happy and deal appropriately with any issues as they arise.

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Taxation rules for landlords image

gbp Taxation rules for landlords (2019 Update)

Tax can be a tricky subject, and with 2018 seeing some complicated updates to the Landlord tax burden. Our update includes expert opinion from legal and financial experts in the landlord sector.

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tick Starter checklist for landlords 2019

To help landlords prepare for a new tenancy, we've come up with a checklist detailing some of the most important aspects and things to remember when it comes to the pre-tenancy process.

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Rental Yield Calculator

gbp How to work out rental yield? (2019 update)

Your rental yield is one way to measure the performance of the income you earn from rental payments. Find out how to work out yours, the difference between gross and net yield and whether it's important to you as a landlord.

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Tips for landlords Rental Yield v Capital Gain

gbp Rental Yield v Capital Gain - Landlords Tips

Rental yields and capital gains - what do these terms mean and how can landlords use them to decide on the best possible investments?

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1tn of Property

contract How to get your rental property assessed for an EPC

There's a lot to think about as a landlord.  Just one of the requirements when renting out your property is making sure you have an energy performance certificate (EPC) for your property.  We explain both why you need to, and how to get an EPC before you rent your property to potential tenants.

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Rights Of Access Landlords Image

house Your rights for inspecting or viewing a property as a landlord (2020 Update)

One of the main causes of tension between landlords and tenants is a misunderstanding of the landlord’s right to inspect their property. Here's a rundown of what you can and can't do...

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House Keyring For Rent

tip icon A guide to moving in day for Landlords

So, you’ve found yourself a tenant, protected their deposit, taken their first months rent and agreed a move in date... but you’ve still got some work left to do.  Our guide takes you through the things you need to remember when moving your new tenant into their new home.

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Most common rental property hazards revealed

house Most common rental property hazards revealed

Identifying hazards in your rental property is crucial, so what are some of the most common issues and how can you manage them effectively?

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Fitness for Human Habitation Bill an update

people Fitness for Human Habitation Bill - an update

Landlords may soon have to ensure their rental properties meet certain standards, with tenants being able to sue them if they don’t. Here’s an update on the Government’s Fitness for Human Habitation Bill.

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Millennial Renting

tick Millennial Renting: What do renters look for in 2019?

With the market of millennial renters expanding continually, we offer a look into the current renting landscape, what millennials are looking for and how landlords can provide this for them. 

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Main Image

gbp To let your Rental Property Furnished or Unfurnished

As a landlord, there is a lot to think about and prepare before you’re ready to advise your lettings agency or post your advert about room availability. Among these key considerations is the decision between renting a furnished or unfurnished property.

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house Becoming a landlord: do you know the rules?

There are a lot of rules and regulations in place that apply to landlords, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at first.  We take a look at the key areas of legislation you need to comply with...

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Main image2

tip icon Becoming a landlord: what you need to know

There’s a lot to get your head around when you first become a landlord. To help you out, we have created a guide which talks through the key issues.

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tip icon Five things to consider as a landlord before investing in buy-to-let property

If you're considering investing in a buy-to-let property, here are some of things you may need to consider to ensure you're fully prepared for life as a landlord...

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gbp Tenants’ deposits: how and why you should secure them

Landlords are obliged, by law, to secure their tenant's deposits in a specialist protection scheme - we look at the rules and the options you have for ensuring you’re compliant.

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law rules

house What‘s The Housing Act 1988 and what rights does it give Landlords?

The Housing Act 1988 is one of the leading statutes governing property law in England. It covers a wide range of area, here's the key points...

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Tools maintenance

thumbsup Simple Steps for Rental Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a hugely important part of the rental process, so what do you need to do to make sure you’ve got everything covered?

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gbp What rent should I charge?

Whether you're a new landlord, or an experienced property manager - you'll need to know how to set an appropriate rent that's suitable for the type of property and the area it's in.

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Article 4 2

tip icon How do you evict a tenant?

The eviction process can become very difficult, and you may require the help of an expert to navigate this process

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tip icon How do you reduce the risk of problem tenants?

The majority of tenants are great - they look after your property and pay their rent on time. But how do you ensure you avoid the small minority who may cause problems?

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Lets for the disabled

heart Lets for the disabled: what you need to know

How do you make your buy-to-let property suitable for tenants with disabilities? We look at the legislation, support options and how much it could cost to make the necessary modifications...

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tip icon What's landlords insurance and do I need to consider it?

What is specialist landlord insurance and why might you need it for your rented property? Here's all you need to know about why, and how, you should protect your rental properties.

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Home or landlord insurance

info The differences between landlord and home insurance

It's often wrongly thought that normal home insurance will serve the same purpose for an owner-occupied property as it will for a buy-to-let property. So what extra protection might you need?

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Property viewings maximise potential

tip icon Property viewings: maximising your potential

When you show a tenant round your buy-to-let property, you obviously want them to like it as much as you do. To save you time, and help you attract great tenants, here are our top tips... 

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tip icon Protect your property against the perils of winter

Winter can be especially difficult when it comes to property maintenance and the cold weather can wreak havoc on buildings. From frozen pipes to broken boilers, we here to help you prepare.

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resources for planning your buy to let

tip icon Resources for planning your buy-to-let

If you're considering making a buy-to-let investment, it's not always as simple as just purchasing a property. Here are our top tips on planning well and making the most of your investment...

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Rental Yield 2

gbp To sell your rental property tenanted or not?

For landlords considering selling your investment property, the age old question - with or without tenants in situe?  Receiving rent until the sale or risk evicting your tenants to gain a higher price? We discuss the pros and cons

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What do you need to know about gas safety in your rental property

house What do you need to know about gas safety in your rental property?

It’s crucial that your rental property is gas safe – so what do you need to do and how can you help to minimise risk?

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