Landlord Insurance

Your rental property is a major investment, so it’s essential that it’s protected with suitable landlord insurance. Regular home cover simply won’t cut it. Instead, you need specialist insurance that meets your particular needs.

At HomeLet, we know that being a landlord is complex. There’s a wealth of information, legislation and regulation to digest, plus you need to attract tenants, keep your properties in good condition, manage rental payments and organise the right insurance. To make your job easier, we offer tailored, affordable financial protection that’s designed to safeguard your finances and give you added peace of mind.

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Why HomeLet landlord Insurance?

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    This discount applies to Landlord Buildings Insurance and our Landlord Content's Insurance for Furnished Properties.

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Being a landlord comes with its own unique set of challenges and risks. From an unexpected loss of rental income to damage to your buildings or possessions, you can experience a range of unwelcome complications. Our landlord cover is designed to give you added peace of mind that, should something go wrong, you won’t be left counting the cost. Created to meet the specific requirements of landlords, our highly tailored policies offer you comprehensive protection. We also provide a variety of optional extras, meaning you can arrange cover that perfectly suits your needs.

As well as contents and buildings protection, HomeLet Landlord Insurance+ can incorporate emergency assistance protection and legal expenses cover. In addition, we offer a Prestige Rent Guarantee. This ensures that if your tenants are unable to pay their rent, you will still receive the money you are owed. You can also opt for Landlord Portfolio Insurance. Ideal if you own a higher number of homes, this multi-property cover could help you manage everything on one policy.

To find out more about the impressive range of landlord insurance products we offer, take a look at the policy options on our website. You can also get in touch with our expert team by phone or email for further details. Our specialists are on hand to answer your questions and to help you find cover that meets all your requirements as a landlord and falls within your budget.

If you’d like to discover how much our landlord insurance would cost you, simply click on the ‘Get a quote’ link at the top of the page and enter the relevant personal details. Arranging cover like this can take a matter of moments and it will give you the extra confidence that comes from knowing you’re protected if the worst happens.

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Frequently asked questions 

What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is designed to specifically protect against many potential risks you face as a landlord when renting out your residential property. It differs from regular home insurance as these policies tend to cover just the building and contents. Click here to find out more.

What does landlord insurance cover?

These products can differ markedly, which is why it’s wise to compare landlord insurance policies to make sure you get one that’s right for you.

As well as protecting buildings and contents, these policies can cover against:

  • non-payment of rent
  • damage to your property (by the tenant)
  • loss of rent or earnings and rehousing costs if the tenants have to move out following an insured event
  • emergency overnight accommodation (for your tenant)
  • emergency repairs
  • liability for injury or loss related to your rental property

At HomeLet, we offer tailored policies that can include the following forms of cover:

Buildings insurance

This protects you against a range of potential disasters that could affect your property, such as fires, lightning, storms, floods and earthquakes, as well as escape of water or oil, falling trees or branches, collision by vehicles and more.

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Contents insurance

Contents cover protects the belongings you provide in your rental home. At HomeLet, we offer Contents Insurance for Furnished Properties, which protects any furnishings, fixtures and garden items.

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Liability insurance

Regardless of how hard you try to keep your rental homes in good condition, accidents can happen. Even something as simple as a trailing wire or a tile that’s slightly out of position can result in injury or damage - and as the landlord, you could be held responsible. This is where liability insurance comes in. It protects you from injury or damage claims brought by third parties such as tenants, visitors or cleaners. At HomeLet, our liability cover includes legal liability as owner up to £5 million, occupier’s legal liability and worldwide personal liability up to £5 million, public liability up to £5 million, and employer’s liability up to £10 million.

Accidental damage insurance

This cover is designed to give you added reassurance that you can make a claim if you inadvertently cause damage to your property. When added to a landlord insurance policy, it can also include damage caused as a result of a malicious act of your tenant.

Boilers and heating insurance

Emergency boiler and heating repairs can cost you big. To avoid unexpected expenses in relation to these crucial systems, you can opt for boilers and heating insurance as part of your landlord insurance policy. This covers emergencies arising from the sudden failure or breakdown of, or damage to, your boiler and central heating equipment.

Rent guarantee insurance

Non-payment of rent can spell financial disaster for landlords, and unfortunately this is a relatively common problem. A 2017 survey we conducted of over 3,500 UK landlords found that non-payment of rent was an issue for 67% of landlords who’ve experienced problems with a tenancy. The fact is, even the most conscientious of tenants can find themselves unable to pay rent.

Rent guarantee insurance covers any missed rental payments, meaning you won’t suffer a loss of income. This protection also covers legal expenses in relation to non-payment of rent.

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Is landlord insurance a legal requirement?

Landlord insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but if something goes wrong in relation to your property, possessions or tenancy, it can provide vital protection for your property investment. It’s also important to be aware that if you have a buy-to-let mortgage on your property, landlord insurance may be a prerequisite set out in the terms and conditions of your loan. It’s worth checking this before you allow tenants into your property.

In addition, bear in mind that if you employ someone who helps you with your rental property (this could include a cleaner, gardener, caretaker or even a volunteer) it’s generally a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place. This is to cover you for legal defence costs and compensation awards made in relation to injury or illness caused as a result of your negligence.

Why not just home contents cover?

While conventional home insurance will cover your buildings and contents (dependent on your policy) it doesn’t protect you against potential risks involving renting your property to tenants. This means that any damage incurred to your property during a tenancy may not be covered at all. So, if you lack appropriate landlord protection, you could be putting your finances at risk.

There are a variety of reasons why conventional home insurance doesn’t cover rental properties. For example, tenants may not take notice of maintenance issues like damp, meaning these problems are more likely to get out of hand. Tenants may also cause careless or potentially even malicious damage to your property.

In addition, you could be liable if a tenant suffers injury or loss as a result of a fault with your property. There might also be circumstances in the event of an approved claim, where the property is uninhabitable, and you might incur cost for alternative accommodation for your tenants. To find out more read our Landlords Tips piece 'What's the Difference between Landlord and Home Insurance?

What type of landlord insurance do I need?

The type of insurance you need will depend on your individual circumstances. Every landlord’s situation is different, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to protection.

At HomeLet, we offer options including building and contents insurance, buildings only, contents only, rent guarantee and legal expenses, and legal expenses only.

If you’re not sure which type of cover you need, or which add-ons to get with your policy, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. We pride ourselves on helping our clients to find cover that perfectly matches their requirements

How much does landlord insurance cost?

This ultimately depends on the level of cover that you feel is right for your needs. The type of policy you go for, and the add-ons you select, will determine the overall price of your policy. Factors such as the type and value of property you wish insure will also have an impact on how much you can expect to pay.

To get a landlord insurance quote today, simply click here. We’ll ask you to provide details including the type of cover you wish to get, your postcode, when you want the cover to start, how long you have owned the property for and whether your property is managed by a letting agent.