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Disputing withheld deposit

How to dispute your deposit being withheld

Posted on 30/09/2015

If you’re an assured shorthold tenant and your deposit hasn’t been returned to you then you’re entitled to ask why it’s been withheld.

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Can I sublet my property?

Posted on 11/09/2015

If you’re renting a property, then it’s more than likely you’re renting directly from a landlord who owns the property. In some cases though, you may find that you’re renting from a tenant who rents your home from the owner. This is what’s known as subletting. If you’re considering subletting, here are the answers to two common questions.

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What happens at the end of my fixed-term tenancy?

Posted on 10/09/2015

When approaching the end of your fixed-term tenancy, you’ll have a number of options. Firstly, you may want to leave the property, and if you do, you’ll most likely have to give your landlord or letting agent notice that you wish to do so.

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Baby proof your rented home
Tags: Family, Safety

Baby-proofing your rented home

Posted on 18/08/2015

Baby-proofing a home is often a challenge, but it can be even more difficult if you rent. This is because there’s often little you can change in your property without the need to hammer or drill into the walls, which requires the permission of your landlord or letting agent.

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Avoid the shops: 4 ways to find quality furniture on the cheap

Posted on 06/08/2015

Furnishing your house with cheap-as-chips flat-pack furniture can be tempting when you’re on a budget and, indeed, many people love the way it looks and its affordability.

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The importance of accurate meter readings

Posted on 17/07/2015

Accurate meter readings are incredibly important for both tenants and landlords alike; as they ensure that landlords don’t get unexpected bills and that tenants pay what they should.

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