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Gardening 101: what are your responsibilities?

Posted on 25/07/2018

With Summer being well and truly in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of your garden. Whether you prefer family BBQs, street parties or having everyone round to watch a big sporting semi-final, the garden’s a great place to host guests.

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Keeping your home safe while on holiday

Posted on 25/06/2018

If you’re going away this summer then it’s vital you ensure your property’s secure. After all, thieves find it easy to know when a property is empty, with over 80% of break-ins occurring when the occupant or home owner isn’t around.

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Five ways to enjoy summer on a budget

Posted on 25/06/2018

With summer now in full swing, we take a look at how you can make it through the season of sun, ice creams, holidays, music and BBQs without putting too much of a dent into your bank balance.

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Where are the best living locations for family renters

Where are the best living locations for family renters?

Posted on 21/06/2018

As the number of households with children renting privately continues to increase, where are some of the best rental locations for family renters and what do they need to consider when moving to a new area?

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What are the rules surrounding rent increases
Tags: Rent

What are the rules surrounding rent increases?

Posted on 29/05/2018

Rent increases – how do they work and what are your rights as a tenant if your landlord wants to put up your rent?

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Spring cleaning tips

Posted on 21/05/2018

Why wait until the end of your tenancy to have a big clean-up. Instead, if you have a spring clean now, then regularly throughout your tenancy, you won’t be left with a massive job to get the property up to scratch when you decide to leave. Plus your home will be a generally more pleasant place to live!

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