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Tenants advice - How to houseshare harmoniously

Posted on 04/12/2019

Living with other tenants is usually fun but can sometimes be a minefield. What do you need to do to encourage a stress-free and happy houseshare?

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Government considering deposit passports how could this help tenants
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Government considering ‘deposit passports’ – how could this help tenants?

Posted on 03/09/2019

Following the Government’s recent announcement that it is considering deposit passports for tenants, would it help tenants to move between properties more easily?

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What is a Housing Court and how could it help you?

Posted on 21/01/2019

The Government is consulting on introducing a Housing Court – what does this mean for people who rent homes from private landlords?

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How can tenants check for rogue landlords and letting agents?

Posted on 17/04/2018

Following the recent introduction of the Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker in London, how can tenants use this ‘name and shame’ database when looking for a rental home?

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6 ways of keeping your property warm for less this winter

Posted on 10/11/2016

With the recent cold snap across the UK, HomeLet explores some cost savvy ways of keeping your home warm for less this winter.

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