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What are the rules surrounding rent increases
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What are the rules surrounding rent increases?

Posted on 29/05/2018

Rent increases – how do they work and what are your rights as a tenant if your landlord wants to put up your rent?

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What is a sitting tenant and what are your rights?

Posted on 10/10/2017

With long-term renting on the rise and more landlords looking for reliable investment options, renters need to be aware of what a sitting tenant is and how the process works if their landlord looks to sell the property they are living in.

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Explained: the advantages of renting over buying

Posted on 09/06/2017

HomeLet provides four reasons why renting can be a better option than purchasing a home.

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Five of the best Crossrail locations for tenants

Posted on 22/07/2016

If you're a tenant in London, chances are you've heard about Crossrail, the new railway which will start operating from 2017.

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