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The cost of the UK's Christmas Decorations

Posted on 2019-11-27

Where do you stand when it comes to Christmas decorations?  

Do you fall into the less is more camp? Or do you love going all-out over the holiday period? If you’re someone who loves preparing your home for the festive season, you’re not alone. Based on research we recently carried out here at HomeLet, tenants spend £77.90 per person annually on Christmas decorations alone.

With this in mind, we wanted to find out more about the nation’s love of tinsel, baubles and fairy lights. So, we asked 2,000 renters who celebrate Christmas how much they invest in their yuletide trees and trinkets.   Read on to find out what we discovered…


Blow the budget

Christmas is known for being one of the most expensive times of the year, with presents and food, cards and party clothes to budget for – and one expense that we all seem to be shelling out for each year are the decorations.

NEWhl christmas 2

Our survey found that Brits spend an average of £77.90 annually to make their home feel truly festive. Interestingly, if you want to visit a home filled to the brim with baubles and glitter, you might want to make a beeline for Bristol. Bristolians invest a whopping £139 on average each year on their decorations. Sheffield residents, on the other hand, keep things simple, spending just over £21.    


Starting early

Do we all wish it could be Christmas every day? For some of us, it would seem so, as 2% of tenants surveyed begin hanging the holly and digging out the decorations as early as October.


If this is making you feel very underprepared, fear not. There are 1% of tenants who leave it until Christmas Eve to pop the decorations up. Plus, almost two-thirds (62%) believe Christmas only officially gets underway on 29th November, leaving almost full month clear before the big day for dressing the tree and replacing those broken bulbs in the fairy lights.


Key decorations

Whether you like to prep the house as soon as possible or this is last thing on your festive to-do list, you’re sure to have a stash of decorations that you return to every December. In fact, almost two-thirds of those surveyed (62%) dig out the artificial tree year after year.

When it comes to extending the decorations beyond the living room, it seems that plenty of us are in favour. Over a quarter (28%) of us like to add some jollity and festive cheer to the outside world by stringing up some fairy lights along rooftops and windowpanes. 

hl christmas 4 

As well as extending that bit of Christmas cheer outside your house, you could be helping your neighbours join you in feeling festive. When asked, 62% of our survey respondents said that they love seeing an elaborate display on their street.

We also found the city that appreciates these outdoor decorations the most. Again, it’s Bristolians who enjoy these decorations, with almost three-quarters (72%) delighting in their neighbours’ outdoor displays.


Damage limitation 

Remember to take it easy when hanging those lights, however. A third of tenants (34%) have damaged their property while putting up their decorations.

Topping the list of areas damaged is the walls, with 36% of us adding scuffs while bringing in the Christmas tree. This is closely followed by paint work taking a battering as the decorations have been taken down – 31% of us have had to consider digging out the paint brushes to rectify that issue.

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Top tips

While Christmas decorations are a key part of the festivities, it’s worth taking some precautions to avoid causing any damages, especially if you’re renting the property you live in. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t have an overly costly Christmas is by checking your tenancy agreement and discussing your ideas with your landlord or agent, especially if you’re thinking of adding decorations to the exterior of the flat or house.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you invest in your decorations:

  • Check that you can hang things on the wall, It might be that your landlord or agent is happy for you to fix decorations to the walls, but check first before going ahead.

  • Take extra care when bringing in the Christmas tree, whether you invest in a real one or you buy a fake, Christmas trees can be unwieldy. Take care as you bring it in and watch out for the walls – any scuffs could prove expensive to repair while renting.

  • Think carefully before doing anything to the exterior of the property, avoid hanging any decorations outside that could damage the property.

  • Ensure everything is 100% removable and won’t leave any permanent marks

  • Check that all Christmas lights are of good quality and not likely to short out or spark


Get hanging

So, whether you love hanging your decorations in October or you want your outdoor display to be the talk of the street; you want to invest in some more tinsel or you want a new tree, you’re sure to add something special around the home this festive season.



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