Interior design trends for Tenants in 2023

As a landlord, it helps to know what tenants are looking for regarding décor to ensure your home appeals to the broadest possible audience. This, in turn, increases your chances of letting quickly and for the best possible price.

But what might tenants be looking for in 2023 for their interiors?

Get the colour right

Colour is essential when decorating your rental property, as certain colours could win you more tenant interest while others could actively deter them.

According to interior experts Hovia, there are one of two roads you might want to go down when it comes to repainting walls or furniture: either opting for natural colours to embrace the calm vibe of earth tones or, if something with more colour is what you're after, remain within the safe lines of mellow and tranquil blues and greens, but with a splash of soft pinks and lavender. It also found that soft gold trims can provide the perfect finish.

Hovia's latest sales data back the above assertion up, with greens, blues and natural colours most on-trend and expected to remain that way.

Bringing the outside in

This has been a popular trend for a while now, as people look to be at one with nature, but it's expected to be more popular than ever in 2023 as the themes of sustainability and feeling closer to the earth continue to dominate.

We know that tenants are increasingly green-conscious and often willing to pay more for an eco-friendlier home. Therefore, it makes sense that they would also be interested in interior design trends that help bring a sense of nature into their living space.

This could involve indoor gardening, a greater supply of indoor plans, and furniture with more earthy themes. Cushions, rugs, and throws can be helpful in this instance.

Embrace curves and movement

For a long while, straight lines and perfect geometry have been in, boosted further by the trend for Scandinavian-style minimalism and order. However, in 2023, curves and movement are set to be back in a big way.

Embracing this trend needn't mean renovating or repurposing your whole home, but if you have an arched doorway, a curved sofa, or a staircase that curves and doesn't quite make sense, now may be the time to use these as USPs rather than trying to amend them.

The luxury hotel look

People love décor that evokes a fancy hotel or a boutique B&B. While this can be harder to achieve in a bathroom – which requires more money and investment – it is something that can be achieved for a master or main bedroom quite easily in just a few simple steps.

The team at bedroom specialists Feather & Black suggests integrating classic and timeless hardware furniture pieces, adding a large headboard, decluttering, and switching to blackout curtains are ways in which the luxury look can be created – all without breaking the bank.

The bedroom will be one of the most important rooms for tenants and could be the deal-breaker for some, so this might be one to concentrate on more than most in 2023. 

Period home inspiration

One of the biggest expected interior design trends in 2023 is an increase in decorative bordering and stenciling, taking inspiration from period homes that remain an integral part of many UK towns, cities, and villages.

There has been a renewed interest, particularly since the lockdown, in traditional craft – and taking more time to do things.


One thing all the interior experts seem to agree on is that sustainability will be a major trend in the year ahead, whether it be the use of sustainable materials like cork and aluminium, another big shift towards sustainable design using sustainable sources, or an increase in the use of second-hand goods, upcycling and repurposing to add character to a home while also being environmentally-friendly.

While it's unrealistic to follow every trend or completely revamp your rental home according to today's in-thing, there may be some aspects above that you already have or could look to introduce to your property. And, in many cases, these won't break the bank.

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