According to The Complete University Guide, a third of students will become a victim of crime.

Police report that 16 to 24-year-olds are three times more likely to be burglary victims than any other age group, while students can also be victims of robberies and assaults. 

So, how do you keep safe while you’re at uni? Here are three simple tips.

Be careful in a new area – especially at night

If you’re travelling late at night, try and go with someone you know – especially if you’re new to the area. The shortest route might not be the safest, so choose a well-lit area with plenty of people. Avoid deserted streets, parks and quiet alleyways and walk facing oncoming traffic to avoid kerb crawlers. Take off your headphones so you can hear what’s around you. Always try to tell a friend or housemate where you are or when you’ll be home.

Make sure you’re familiar with late-night transport. Do you know the number of a reputable taxi firm? Do you know what time the late buses leave? Do your friends know where you have gone and when you’ll be back?

Keep yourself safe

If you’re carrying a bag, try to wear it with the strap across your body and the opening closest to you. Even if you’re laden with books and bags, trying to keep one hand free is advisable. Disguise valuable items if you can – for example, carry a laptop in a sports bag or rucksack.

If you’re threatened, be prepared to give up your bags. Property can be replaced – you can’t! Try and attract attention however you can and, if you can get away, run to a place of safety and report the incident.

Secure your property

If you leave valuable belongings in your home, ensure all your doors and windows are locked. Outside doors should be fitted with five-lever locks, and you should lock all windows with keys.

Make sure you lock the property at night and when nobody is home. If you’re in a house with many people, it might be difficult to check who is in, so always lock the door.

It’s also important to consider protecting your valuables should the worst happen. Cover such as our Tenants Insurance ensures that your TV, computer, games consoles, musical instruments and bikes are protected if someone steals them from your home. You can also arrange protection to ensure your valuables are protected while you’re out and about.

With about 20% of student robberies occurring in the first six weeks of the academic year, it’s best to protect yourself from the day you move in. We’ve designed our insurance with tenants in mind, so get a quote here.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some good tips and helped you prepare for heading to university. If you missed either of the prior parts, click here to read part one and here for part two.