How do you evict a tenant?

Guiding you through the complex eviction process

Evicting a tenant is really a last resort, and it can be a difficult procedure. You need to make sure you’re complying fully with all the current legislation and regulations, treating your tenant fairly throughout.

Each case brings its own detail and complexity, and needs to be assessed on its own merit. Our in-house Legal team can offer expert help specific to your circumstances.

We understand how emotional an eviction can be, and we’ll help you regain control and talk to you about the best ways to proceed. 

We offer a three-stage eviction service:

Stage 1.

We’ll prepare a Section 8 notice and demand letter on your tenant. In about half the cases this is enough.

£79 + VAT

Stage 2.

If the tenant doesn't respond to Stage 1, we’ll arrange issue of Court Proceedings, seeking a Possession Order and Money Judgement. An experienced advocate will present your case in court – all you or your collection agent need do is give evidence of arrears.

£399 + Court costs + VAT

Stage 3.

If the Possession Order is made in your favour, your tenant needs to leave the property. If they don’t do this, we’ll apply to the court for an eviction appointment. The court will arrange a date and time for a bailiff to attend your property and evict the tenant.

£89 + Court costs + VAT

You can contact our experienced legal team about our Evict product on:

0330 333 7067.


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