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When you’re selecting a landlord insurance policy, you want to know you’re getting a product that meets your needs. With so many different options to choose from, deciding which policy to go for can seem like a challenge. We appreciate the importance of this purchase, which is why we’ve developed a comparison tool to take the hassle and stress out of selecting a policy.

Our specially designed and easy to use tool lets you compare the key features of landlord insurance policies in a matter of moments, giving you the information you need to make an informed, confident purchasing decision. It lets you contrast key product features for HomeLet’s Landlord Insurance+ with other policies currently available in the market.

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With the help of this tool, you can compare our landlord cover with the policies offered by all the leading insurers. Crucially, you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of this information. The data is provided by the independent financial researcher Defaqto. In addition, it’s updated on a daily basis, meaning it’s always up to date.

By presenting the key features of different policies side-by-side in a clear, simple way, the tool lets you compare landlord insurance in an instant and it could help you to find a product that matches all of your requirements.

To use the tool, simply select the policies you would like to compare with HomeLet’s Landlord Insurance+ from the drop down menus. You can choose up to two additional policies at once. If you have any questions about this feature, or you would like further information on our landlord insurance options more generally, you can contact our expert landlord insurance team. 


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Please note that the Manufacture of Drugs by Tenants would be covered by HomeLet’s Additional Damage option which includes cover for Malicious Damage by a tenant up to the sum insured.

Please refer to the policy documents for full details on our cover.

 About our comparison tool:

  • Independent | Our comparison is powered by Defaqto, an independent financial researcher
  • Up-to-date | The comparison tool is updated daily - to ensure the comparison is up-to-date
  • Key product features | It provides an overview of some of the key product features for landlords Insurance, which are selected by Defaqto based on feedback from landlords
  • Clear and simple | With our tool you can see key product features side-by-side, to see how the policies compare