Our Tenants Contents Insurance Incorporating Tenants Liability Insurance at a glance 

Protect your belongings and cover yourself if you accidentally damage your landlord's items, all on one simple, hardworking policy. Our full Tenants Insurance for UK tenants offers the following:

£50,000 of contents cover

As standard to protect your personal possessions.

Flexible cover

Flexible Cover

with Optional extras available, including Extended Accidental Damage cover, Bicycle cover and High Value Personal Possessions cover.

£10,000 tenants liability cover

For accidental damage to your landlord’s items in the property that you may be responsible for under your tenancy agreement.

What is Tenants Insurance?

Tenants Insurance, often called Renters Insurance, is insurance designed for tenants who are renting a property. 

Tenants Insurance cover has two main types: Tenants Contents Insurance and Tenants Liability Insurance. Tenants Contents Insurance covers your personal possessions in case of fire, theft, accidental damage or other insured risk. Tenants Liability Insurance, meanwhile, covers accidental damage to items your landlord provides for you to use.

HomeLet offers two policy types: Tenants Liability Insurance only, or dual cover Tenants Contents Insurance and Tenants Liability Insurance on the same policy.

How much does HomeLet’s Tenants Contents Insurance cost?

The standard cost of a HomeLet Tenants Contents Insurance policy including Tenants Liability Insurance Cover is £11 per month*. This provides £50,000 for Contents and £10,000 Tenants Liability Cover as standard. Read about more policy details and extra cover options further down the page – or get a Tenants Contents Insurance quote through the button below. 

*When purchased online. Our Tenants Contents Insurance cost is subject to underwriting criteria and may change. If you choose to pay for your policy monthly, you’ll need to pay a monthly admin fee of £1.99. 

HomeLet’s Tenants Contents Insurance also includes Tenants Liability Insurance

Our Tenants Contents Insurance policy incorporates our Tenants Liability Insurance as standard. If you accidentally damage your landlords property, this will cover your contractual liability for repairing or replacing their broken fixtures, fittings and furniture, up to £10,000. (This is in addition to the £50,000 for your own contents).

What does HomeLet's Tenants Contents Insurance cover?

Wondering ‘what does Tenants Contents Insurance cover?’ We’ve been providing specialist cover for tenants for over 30 years, and offer a range of insurance products to suit a variety of needs.

When you take out Tenants Contents Insurance with us, your personal possessions will be covered for up to £50,000 as standard for your household. This includes your partner and your children but not lodgers or any other paying guests.

This will cover you in the event of a claim for certain insured events, such as theft, flood, leaks, storms and fire. You’re also covered, as standard, if you cause accidental damage to your TV, audio, video, games consoles and personal computer equipment.

  • Standard Cover
  • Optional extras

 Examples of what is covered include:

  • Clothes and jewellery
  • Valuables*, including but not limited to: jewellery, clocks, collector’s items.
  • Soft furnishings, i.e. bedding and cushions
  • Electrical equipment, i.e. TVs, Blu-ray players, games consoles, speakers, stereos
  • Mobile phones – as standard, up to £300 per claim for mobile phones (excluding accidental damage. However, this is included if you take out the Accidental Damage extension)
  • Any personal furnishings in the property, i.e. furniture
  • Your bicycle (see more below)

As standard, the policy also includes the following cover:

  • Money - up to £500 for any one claim, and credit cards - up to £200 for any one claim (excluding where used for business purposes)
  • Pedal cycles within the boundaries of your home (up to £500 for any one claim). Additional conditions apply for pedal cycle theft, please read the full policy terms and conditions. 
  • Contents in your locked garage, shed or outbuildings (up to £2,500 where security requirements are met). We cover unsecured outbuildings or garages up to £500 for any one claim in the event of a theft.
  • Replacement locks following theft of keys (up to £1,000) and lost keys (up to £200 for any one claim)

Please refer to policy documents for full cover levels and limitations. 

With HomeLet’s Home Contents Insurance for tenants, there are several optional extras for you if you want a more tailored level of cover. This can include opting to cover specific high value items or adding Accidental Damage cover, for example. These are the add-ons that we offer should you need them:

Accidental Damage Extension

As a standard feature of your policy, we offer limited Accidental Damage cover for some of your possessions. Examples include your TV and personal computer equipment.

  • Mobile phones are excluded from our limited Accidental Damage cover. If you’d like your mobile phone insured for Accidental Damage, this is included for up to £300 for any one claim, under the Accidental Damage Extension.

Specified Personal Belongings

This optional cover is designed to protect higher value personal possessions that you carry with you in your daily life over the value of £2,500. 

  • Protects against accidental damage, loss or theft, even outside your home.
  • Includes items such as engagement rings, insulin pumps or musical instruments.

Unspecified Personal Belongings

This optional cover protects your personal possessions against accidental damage, loss or theft when you take them out of your home in the European Area. 

  • Includes cover anywhere else in the world for up to 60 days in any one period of insurance.
  • For personal belongings, the most we will pay for any one single item is £2,500. If you have an item worth more than this, you may want to consider our Specified Personal Belongings cover.

Some items have different limits. Check your policy wording for full details and definitions.

Pedal Cycle Extension

Our optional bicycle cover protects your pedal cycle when you take it out of the boundaries of your home.

  • If you’re a keen cyclist, this option will ensure your pedal cycle is protected in the European Area and anywhere in the world for up to 60 days in any one period of insurance.

There is a combined overall limit of £7,500 for Specified, Unspecified and Pedal Cycle Extension cover. Your non-motorised bicycle is covered under this insurance, up to £500 per bike, for any one claim. You can insure more expensive bicycles under our Pedal Cycle Extension for an additional premium, which includes cover for out the home too. 

Personal Legal Protection

Our cover provides the expert legal help and assistance needed to protect yourself against common legal issues, such as contract or personal injury disputes, without the worry of running up solicitors’ costs.

  • You’re protected for up to £100,000 in legal fees. 

*Where items are classed as valuable, the most we will pay for any one item is £2,500, and the most we will pay for any one claim is £10,000. The definition of valuable is: articles made from gold, silver, or other precious metals; jewellery, clocks and watches; furs; photographic equipment, binoculars and telescopes; musical instruments; collectors’ items; pictures and works of art; rare and unusual figurines and ornaments; curios; guns; collections of stamps, coins or metals.

In the event of a claim, if your contents are not insured for their true value, this may result in a claim not being paid in full, or at all. Please give our team a call if you require contents insurance over £50,000.

How to get Tenants Contents Insurance

There are two main ways to get insured with HomeLet: online and over the phone.

When buying online, you’ll find that our site has everything you need for a quick, easy way to get cover. Whether you’re searching on your desktop or buying on the go from your mobile, we make it easy for you to build a policy that best suits your needs.

Get a Tenants Contents Insurance quote using the button below to start the process – it usually takes just two minutes.

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We’re here for tenants

Since January 2013, we’ve paid out some £3.8 million under our Tenant Insurance policies

Here are some common issues that we’ve paid out for under the Tenants Contents Insurance and Tenants Liability Insurance policy:

Broken TV

Child accidentally throwing a toy at the TV

Drink spilled on laptop

Drink spilled on laptop

Spilled wine

Spilled wine on carpet

Broken hob

Jar dropped on hob

How to make a claim on your Tenants Contents Insurance

If you need to make a claim on your policy, we’ll be on hand to help you every step of the way.

You can call the insurers claims line on 0330 333 7230. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

If you’re named on the policy, please be aware that you’re responsible for making claims, even if you’re covering the possessions for other members of your household.

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Do I need Tenants Contents Insurance?

Contents Insurance isn’t just for homeowners. You’ll probably still have your own possessions, from clothing to records to furniture. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen and you may be left out of pocket.

By taking out Tenant Contents Insurance, you can save worrying about replacement or repair costs if your belongings are stolen or damaged while you’re renting. For example, if there’s a fire in the house or flat you live in, or if the property’s flooded or someone breaks in, our Tenants Contents Insurance with Tenants Liability Insurance policy may protect your possessions subject to policy terms and conditions being met.

Now, is Tenants Contents Insurance mandatory in the UK? No – and no one can force you to take it out. But it offers peace of mind that your favourite and most valuable belongings are protected, especially if you live in a high crime or flood risk area.

Can Tenants Liability Insurance protect against deposit deductions?

Tenants Liability Insurance can reduce the risk of ‘end of tenancy’ deductions as it covers the cost of fixing accidental damage to the items provided by your landlord. Read our Tenants Tips article to find out more about how to protect against deposit deductions and regain your security deposit in full.

How is this different from my security deposit?

Tenants Liability Insurance is not a replacement for your security deposit. The cover is designed to reduce the risk of deductions from your deposit. It pays out for some of the most common reasons a landlord might keep your money at the end of your tenancy.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t leave it until you move out to make a claim after an incident, losses need to be reported as soon as possible to ensure your claim remains valid. This policy won’t protect you from deductions from your deposit where you haven’t paid all your rent or utility bills or don’t leave the place sufficiently clean.

Find out more about Tenants Liability Insurance and how it works as a standalone type of cover.

When do I need to take out Tenants Contents Insurance?

If you’re about to rent a property, now is a good time to consider taking out Tenants Contents Insurance, although you can take out Tenants Contents Insurance at any time whilst you’re renting a property. Having cover in place for when you move in can give you peace of mind from a safety net to protect you if something goes wrong.

To help you decide, here’s a look at the cover available to you as a tenant from HomeLet.

Cover excess levels

Here’s an at-a-glance guide to the excess levels for Tenants Contents Insurance:



Malicious Damage:


Escaping water:


Contents Accidental Damage


Tenancy Liability (accidental damage to landlord’s property, furniture, fixtures and fittings)


Specified Possessions:


Pedal Cycles:


Legal Expenses*


*except for claims relating to nuisance or trespass


For full details of cover and limits for our Tenants Contents Insurance including Tenants Liability Insurance policy, please see our policy wordings page.

Call our insurance specialists

As well as the option to buy online, we understand buying insurance or making a claim can be easier when talking it through with an expert. Give us a call and a member of our friendly team will be happy to either answer any questions you might have about our cover or help arrange your insurance over the phone.*

We’re open from 08:30 – 18:00 Monday to Friday and 09:30 – 13:00 Saturday. Whatever you need, we’re happy to help.

*Online discount does not apply to policies set up over the phone.


Tenants Contents Insurance FAQ’s

  • What if my circumstances change?

    You need to notify us if any relevant circumstances change as this could impact your cover or any future claims you might need to make. For example, you’d need to let us know about a change of address or anything that would alter the answers and information you provided when you set up your cover. If you’re unsure, just call a member of our friendly team and they can be of assistance.

  • Will my Landlords Insurance not cover my possessions?

    Your landlord may have Buildings Insurance to cover the physical structure of the property that you rent. They might have Contents Insurance too to protect things like furniture and appliances they provide for you – though not against accidental damage you cause. But they’re not liable to insure your personal possessions in their property, unless the tenancy agreement explicitly says so.

    Whether or not you consider Renters’ Insurance necessary is still entirely up to you. But knowing that your landlord likely isn’t responsible for your contents, it might ease your worries if you get them covered.

    Find out more: Is my landlord responsible if my contents get damaged?

  • Will my policy cover belongings outside my home?

    Your possessions will be covered within the boundaries of your home, providing you’ve chosen our contents cover. If you want to cover your personal possessions anywhere else in Europe (extending to anywhere in the world for up to 60 days), you can choose to have this cover option for an additional premium.

  • Will old things be replaced with new ones if I have to make a claim on my Tenants Contents Insurance?

    Our policy provides cover on a new for old basis. During the process of a claim, we will decide whether it’s most appropriate to replace, repair or offer money for your lost or damaged goods. We will always consider what route will be best, depending on the circumstances in question.

  • How much coverage do I need for Tenants Contents Insurance?

    How much tenants contents insurance coverage you need is entirely up to you.  Think about whether you want to cover your own contents, or just your liability for the items provided by your landlord. The cost of replacing both your possessions and those of your landlord are considerations when deciding how much renters insurance do I need.

  • How much is Tenants Contents Insurance per month?

    At HomeLet, we offer a Tenants Liability policy for £8.50 per month. If you want to upgrade to Tenants Contents Insurance including Liability this is from £11 per month.*

  • Do I need to do anything if I’m going travelling?

    If the property has been left unoccupied for more than 30 days, cover for malicious damage, escaping water, and theft will not be provided. Accidental damage, accidental loss of metered water or oil in domestic heating systems and tenancy liability are also not included.. However, providing you have the relevant extended cover, we would insure items you’ve taken on your travels with you.

  • What’s not covered by HomeLet’s Tenants Contents Insurance?

    We recommend that before you buy one of our policies you read through the insurance policy wording to make sure it’s the right cover for you.

    Here are some key elements not covered by our Tenants’ Contents Insurance policy (but it’s not an exhaustive list):

    • Theft without force causing damage to the main building of the home
    • General wear and tear or damage that has happened gradually over time
    • Chewing, scratching, tearing, or fouling by domestic pets
    • Consequential or indirect losses
    • High-value items that exceed your policy’s overall or single-item limit
    • Possessions outside the home (unless you add Specified Personal Belongings cover)
    • Theft or damage if you’ve left your rental home unoccupied for over 30 days
  • What’s the difference between Tenants Contents Insurance and Homeowners’ Insurance?

    If you own a home, then you’ll need to have cover for the building itself as well as what’s inside. This is often called Buildings and Contents Insurance. But the first part isn’t your responsibility as a tenant, so you don’t need a standard homeowner’s policy. You’re only covering any belongings that you keep in the rental property.

*Cover starts at £11 per month for £50,000 of contents cover and £10,000 of Tenancy Liability cover. This price includes Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current rate, as set by HMRC. Please note that a monthly admin fee of £1.99 will be payable if you choose to pay for your policy monthly.

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