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What's the benefit of holding an investors' seminar?

Posted on 2015-10-20

With buy-to-let continuing to boom, the thirst for knowledge when it comes to successful property investment is growing all the time.

The popularity of this market is fuelling demand for investment seminars for prospective and existing property investors and landlords, where expert advice and tips can be handed out to those attending.

Some letting agents are already providing this service, well aware that it’s a great way to communicate and network with people who have an interest in property investment, those who are becoming first-time landlords or those who are looking to expand their portfolio.

Included at these seminar events are things like property management tips and information, advice on financing and mortgage services and expert investment guidance. Exclusive buy-to-let properties that are not yet on the market may also be showcased, while key speakers offer their opinions on the state of the industry. Refreshments are often served and networking is actively encouraged.

Property investment can sometimes be a complex business and some people may like the sound of it without actually knowing for sure what it entails. It's the same with would-be landlords – the thought of what it involves and the actual reality might not always match up. These seminars aren’t there to put prospective landlords or property investors off, but to teach them the dynamics of property investment in an accessible, easily digestible way. Educating them at an early stage help to prevent issues or stumbling blocks at a later date.

For existing landlords and property investors, it is a good opportunity to network and pick up new tricks of the trade that could help them to expand their portfolio/improve the service they offer to tenants.

A wave of new investors – led by those taking advantage of the new pension freedoms – are continually coming to the market, so it seems important that educational property investment seminars cater for this boom in demand.

For a letting agent, positioning yourself as the main letting specialists in the area is vital. Holding regular investor seminars could really help an agency set you apart from the competition, becoming the go-to place for expert advice, networking opportunities and property investment education.

The appetite for buy-to-let doesn't look like it will be diminishing anytime soon, so the demand for these sorts of events can only grow for the foreseeable future. Letting agents who provide this service are likely to find themselves ahead of the game.

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