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Speed up your HomeLet service!

Posted on 2011-06-03

HomeLet is having a digital switchover of its own and is asking all customers to upload and submit information via Connect, rather than over the phone or through fax.

Connect is an exclusive online system - only available to HomeLet customers that allows them to easily reference tenants and also arrange insurance.

The company’s call centre is inundated with queries on a daily basis, and unfortunately customers sometimes have to wait for a team member to speak to them. So, to reduce call times and eliminate the need to call in the first place, HomeLet is encouraging customers to use Connect and submit information online.

Email v fax

Nowadays faxing is now seen as very old fashioned and is not only time consuming for customers, but also for employees at HomeLet. It is less reliable than email, increases the risk of pages being lost and leads to increased printing and paper costs.

When letting agents upload and send references electronically through Connect, HomeLet is able to speed up the referencing process – and therefore improve its overall service delivery.

Why use Connect?

Connect also makes cost savings as it is completely free to use. In addition, the facility is more than just a way of emailing us documents/references – it is also a hub of information for letting agents and tenants.

Digital Switchover!

Join in HomeLet’s digital switchover and make sure from now on you submit all application forms, referencing documents and any other information via Connect rather than over the phone or through faxing.

To ask us a question about all the benefits and features of referencing tenants through Connect, email

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