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Letting agents: are you making the best use of Twitter?

Posted on 2015-10-07

Many agents use Twitter to post their latest property listings, as it’s seen as a quick and easy way to get links to properties in front of a wider audience.

However, this isn't the most effective way of using the power of social media to grow your business, and can even have the opposite effect – spamming your followers and causing them to lose engagement with your brand.

That’s not to say you shouldn't show your listings through Twitter, but that there’s a way to do it – and other things you should be doing – to give the best results.

The 80:20 rule

The golden rule of best practise in social media marketing is often said to be the 80:20 rule - with sales messages only making up 20% of your total social media output.

So if you’re not posting as many property listings as usual, what should you be posting? Good quality content, that’s shareable and engaging, is the key. And don’t forget your own business news too – that’s great for brand awareness.

You want your customers to see you as knowledgeable, passionate and approachable and to want to share your tweets with their friends, followers, peers and colleagues.

Sharing is caring

If you have a company blog, it’s a great place to start. Whenever you upload a new blog post to your site, make sure to tweet a link to it, with a photo and a short description of what it’s about.

The internet is also already full of content. Articles; infographics; videos; pictures; news stories – and much more. The trick is to share content that you know your audience will enjoy or find useful – whilst keeping it relevant to your business.

For example, local council announced an exciting new attraction or made some improvements in your town? Retweet their announcement. Industry magazine tweeted a story about new landlord regulations? Retweet that too.

And, in a shameless plug for our own blogs, we’re always posting interesting content too – so feel free to share it all with your followers!

Be part of the conversation

Twitter is a great place to engage with your customers, prospective customers and other businesses.

Strike up a conversation or join an existing one – whatever you do, get chatting! You can even search for your own company name to see what others are saying about you – don’t forget to respond though, even to the negative comments.

Spread the word

The great thing about social media is it allows you to be more light-hearted and fun than you usually would be in any other business setting. It’s the perfect place to share with your followers anything exciting your office is doing – such as charity events, team fun days or awards ceremonies.

In small amounts, these snippets into your world will create a much more approachable and human face for your brand. Just don’t go too far with it, don’t tweet anything offensive and remember to stay professional.

Stay neutral

While it’s a great idea to occasionally jump on a bandwagon or trend, linking it to your own business activities, do remember not to be too opinionated and stay non-offensive. Don’t forget - this is a business account, not your personal one.

And remember, if other members of your staff are going to have access to the account, make sure they understand what they can and can’t do or say... and make sure you regularly update any shared passwords.

The other 20% of the time...

Feel free to tweet a property listing or two – but make them interesting!

Choose something that stands out about the property – a stained glass window, interesting garden feature, big kitchen – and make this the main point of your tweet. Always include a photo of the feature and a shortened link (try website for free link shortening).

A plain-text tweet about a property won’t attract anyone – you wouldn't list a property on Rightmove without pictures – so why do it on Twitter?

And finally...

Be patient. Followers won’t come overnight – but people will soon start to spot the interesting posts you’re sharing and will start to come and look for more. Dedicate 30 minutes a day sourcing, writing and posting great content, make sure your Twitter handle is on your website and any sales materials you produce, and you’ll quickly start to reap the rewards.

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