Tenant Referencing

Tenant referencing is an essential part of the letting process, giving you the reassurance that your tenants are who they say they are, work where they say they work and are able to make rental payments. Our range of referencing services mean that your landlords property's safe in our hands.



A full credit check, plus we’ll assess your tenant against a range of criteria to gauge their suitability - and you'll get an instant report.



All the checks from an Insight reference, plus we’ll also get references from your tenant’s current employer and landlord/managing agent.



Includes all the features of Insight and Enhance references, plus our guarantee to remove the tenant if they fail to pay their rent.

What makes our Tenant References special?

tenants ticks agentOur thorough checks on tenants mean your landlords can be confident they're getting the right people for their properties.

We carry out checks on:

  • Supplied banking details, to ensure they are for a genuine bank account
  • HomeLet's own Default Database, which may indicate whether your tenant has not been able to pay their rent in the past
  • Financial Sanctions, to make sure that your tenant isn't registered to any of the Government's Asset Freezing lists, as this could mean they're unable to pay their rent in the future



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