Compare Tenant Referencing products

We want to make referencing your tenants as easy as possible for you, so we’ve developed a range of options to help you avoid risk and safeguard your rental income. Discover more about what’s on offer from our Insight, Enhance and Optimum packages...



Our most detailed checks, and our Legal Team will work with you to remove your tenant from your property if they fail to pay the rent.

£70 +VAT

Optimum Start a reference

Our most advance referencing product

Optimum includes everything from Insight and Enhance, plus:

Help from our Legal Team to remove your tenant if they fail to pay their rent

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From employment status to renting history, we’ll get the full lowdown on your tenants.

£45 +VAT

Enhance Start a reference


We'll contact employers and landlords

Enhance includes everything from the Insight reference, plus:

  • Contacting current landlord or managing agent for a reference
  • Employment check to establish your tenant’s salary (and that their employment isn't likely to be terminated)


A quick, clear and comprehensive check on your tenants - with a referencing report that is generated instantly. 

£25 +VAT

Insight Start a reference

Here are just a few benefits

  • Easy online process - quick and secure online system 
  • Complete credit check - including adverse history such as CCJs and bankruptcy
  • Background search - previous names, addresses and aliases
  • Bank account – assurance that their account is genuine
  • Default Database – a check against the HomeLet default tenant database