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Money saving couple
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Money saving tips for managing your home

Posted on 07/08/2014

Over a third of households in England and Wales are now rented and, if you’re renting and are new to managing personal finances, it can get expensive.

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Annoying habits

Things couples find annoying about each other when they live together

Posted on 28/07/2014

Moving in together can be great but you might find that your partner’s cute little quirks start to become irritating.

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Tenants moving in together 18 6 14

Top tips for moving in together

Posted on 18/06/2014

Deciding to take the leap and move in with your partner is a big decision and most people underestimate the simplicity of cohabiting with their significant other.

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Hype Park Penthouse Savills

Crazy comparison - what can you afford in London and the North for the same price?

Posted on 11/06/2014

Here's a quick snapshot of the price disparity between London and other regions - the results may shock you.

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ResizedImage600399 Things not to ask your landlord Pugg
Tags: Pets

Can you keep a pet? 5 things NOT to ask your landlord

Posted on 05/06/2014

Renting a property can be a minefield, but when you've got landlord issues, things can really become a nightmare. In order to have a successful tenancy period you need to foster a good relationship with your landlord. As part of this, making a good impression in your first tenancy month is vital.

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ResizedImage450281 Leeds Castle

Most expensive houses to rent in the UK

Posted on 29/05/2014

If you think your money’s going down the drain on rent every month then just wait until you see these properties.

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