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painted chairs
Tags: Tips, Upcycling

Upcycling for beginners: Painting furniture

Posted on 22/03/2019

The next in our upcycling series is all about the best tips and tricks for painting your furniture.

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Unpack and relax
Tags: Tips, Moving 101

Moving 101: Unpack and relax – our top 3 tips

Posted on 17/05/2018

It’s always the case – you think the hard part is over, now you’ve moved, but you then step back and look at the piles of boxes with a feeling of dread.
Where do you even begin to know where to start with unpacking it all? While we can’t help you do the heavy lifting, we can give you some of our best quick-tips to lighten the load.

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Moving in What do you need to do
Tags: Tips, Moving In

Moving in: What do you need to do?

Posted on 20/09/2016

Once you've found a rental property and signed the tenancy agreement, you'll be able to start thinking about moving in. After moving in, it's not time to relax just yet as there's still a few things you need to do to ensure a smooth tenancy. Read our summary of a tenant's post-moving tasks - from who you'll need to inform of your new address, to what your landlord should provide when you move in.

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Tags: Decorating, Tips

A teenager’s top 10 tips for a stylish bedroom

Posted on 11/07/2016

We’ve got a guest writer in this week – Zoe Barlow, 14, has shared with us her ideas on stylish decor for a teenager’s bedroom, without the worry of going against the terms of your tenancy agreement.

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looking for a rented property with a garden
Tags: Gardening, Tips

5 essential things to consider before you rent a house with a garden

Posted on 20/05/2016

If you’re looking for a new rental property and you've got your heart set on finding one with a garden, you may think ‘the bigger the better’ when it comes to outdoor space.

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Tags: Tips, Upcycling

Upcycling for beginners: upholstery tools & tips

Posted on 25/02/2015

Does the thought of reupholstering furniture seem impossible to you? We give you our top tips on how anyone can have a go at a simple furniture project.

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