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Why don’t you give nature a home where you live?

Posted on 2013-08-08

The Give Nature a Home campaign is asking for people across the UK – whether they live in a city centre or a remote farm – to ‘let out’ part of their home and provide some much-needed housing for our insect, bird and mammal friends.
Just giving up a few hours of your time can give starlings a nest to raise their family, give our declining bees somewhere to gather pollen, or offer a frog or toad a safe place to live during the winter. This video shows what, why and how Give Nature a Home is taking place – take a look – who can resist helping our non-human friends?
This fantastic project is part of the RSPB’s work at providing larger scale homes across the country. After all, if there's no home for nature, then there’ll be no nature – the facts are straight and simple. Homes are where we eat, sleep, and bring up our families. It's the same for birds and wildlife, so let’s all work together and make sure our spiky, feathery, slippery and furry companions have a place they can call home.
Can you give a hedgehog a home?
Getting involved is really easy. All you have to do is register your details on the RSPB website, including the size of your garden, and the RSPB will list the types of nature you can help, and what to build for them…it’s then up to you!
With the kids still on school holidays, why not get the family involved – they’ll not only enjoy lending a hand creating your new residents’ home, but also love seeing the bugs, birds and animals moving in and living there!
So, what are you waiting for...sign up now!
You can also follow the RSPB on twitter for all the latest information.

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