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Top tips for moving in together

Posted on 2014-06-18

Deciding to take the leap and move in with your partner is a big decision, and most people underestimate the simplicity of cohabiting with their significant other. If you’re one of the many who fail to realise that there’s more to cohabiting than moving your combined possessions to a new home, then read on and let us talk you through the process. From finding a new home, to sorting through your things and deciding what stays and what goes, to working out how much rent you can afford, HomeLet can help. We’ve created a short, handy guide to make moving in together easy and stress-free. 

#1 – Discuss Your Finances

Before you move in together, talk money. Are you planning to have a joint account so you know exactly what’s going in and out each month? Are you planning on splitting costs 50/50, or will the higher earner pay more? These financial decisions ought to continue even after you unpack. It’s beneficial to schedule a routine chat about finances to make sure that you’re both pulling your weight.

#2 – Take into Account How Much You Own Between You

A big part of moving is transferring the things that you own into your new property – but remember that now you’re going to have a duplicate of most things: two spatulas, two coffee tables, two sofas…

The time to take a look at your things and decide what you’re keeping and what you’re selling, tossing or donating is now, before you move in. Although it’s tempting to put this off until moving day or skip it altogether, that’s a costly mistake to make, as everything you own adds to the cost of the move, how long it takes and the physical strain of transferring everything from one place to another. Plus, everything you take will need a place in your new home, so if you take more than you need you’re going to end up with a cramped and uncomfortable living space, leaving your new abode feeling chaotic and anything other than relaxing.

Before you even begin looking at properties, try to get a realistic idea of how much space you’ll need by figuring out how much stuff you have between you, deciding what to keep and what to dispose of. It’s really important to make sure that your combined possessions will fit comfortably into the place you’re moving into.

#3 – Your Place, Their Place or a New Home?

Finally, consider whether it makes the most sense to move into your home or your partner’s, or find a new space altogether. If you both live in studio apartments and know that you need a two-bedroom property, then the decision will be easy. However, never forget to consider other factors which affect the two of you, such as commutes to work, suitability for pets, neighbourhood amenities like restaurants and shopping, and safety. Sit down together and discuss your must-haves. If neither of your properties make the cut, have a discussion about what you both want from your new home and short list some locations to start your search.

Whether you’re getting married or embracing cohabitation, moving in together is a significant milestone in your relationship and your life, but don’t let the challenges intimidate you. Follow our easy steps to make the transition easier and embrace this new chapter of your life. Living together may be a momentous, sometimes stressful, step, but there’s a reasons that people have been doing it for thousands of years; it can lead to some of the best time and fondest memories of your lives.


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