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Annoying habits

Things couples find annoying about each other when they live together

Posted on 2014-07-28

Moving in together can be great but you might find that your partner’s cute little quirks start to become irritating. It might be the way that they slurp their cereal or crack their knuckles. It might even be the way that they breathe. The longer you spend together, the longer the list of pet peeves could grow to be. The honeymoon anaesthetic wears off and all that’s left to do is grit your teeth and soldier on. You’re not alone in feeling this way, and thousands of others feel exactly the same. 

Here are some of the most common things that couples find annoying about each other. Make sure you’re prepared to put up with them when you take the plunge and move into your very first home together.

Television Taste

Partners who live together can expect a daily battle for control of the remote and the power to choose their evening television viewing. A lot of couples have different tastes when it comes to TV programmes. If one of you likes period dramas and the other is a fan of comedy sketch shows, then sometimes the only option is compromise– it will make your relationship run a whole lot smoother. Most programmes are available on catch-up, so alternate who watches their programme when it’s scheduled. Whoever watches on demand at a later date will be compensated by a welcome lack of adverts. Don’t feel that you have to watch both programmes together; when you spend all day with each other, you can afford to spend a little time apart to watch your favourite shows.

Home Heating Preferences

Thermostats can present a major problem for a lot of couples. You and your partner might be a perfect match on almost every level, but that doesn’t mean that your body temperatures are. This leads to that all too common argument about temperature, as one of you sits and shivers whilst the other swelters and insists that it’s too hot to have the heating on. Compromising can be as simple as putting a jumper on, and this will save you a considerable amount on energy bills.


One of you might enjoy living with piles of festering clothes whilst the other has a meltdown if a drop of coffee drips onto the table. You might think that it’s a charming eccentricity to get wrapped up in projects that necessitate sweeping every day, try on all of your clothes in a morning and then drop them in an easy-to-access heap, or never put a lid on things, but the chances are that your other half won’t. Equally, most people don’t appreciate you walking around behind them with a duster, just waiting to wipe their mucky fingerprints from your glass-topped table. Sit down together and work on creating a list of what is and isn’t acceptable. Provided you both stick to it, you should get along just fine.

Being Together

You might imagine that one of the main benefits of living together is that you never have to feel lonely. Your partner is right there, all of the time, because that’s what couples do. However, being together doesn’t automatically mean that you enjoy doing the same things. One of you might like video games whilst the other prefers spending time outdoors. You might like curling up in bed and reading on a night whilst your partner prefers having the television on. It’s okay to do different things, even if that means that you don’t share every moment together. You might think that couples should be joined at the hip but they don’t have to be. Take some advice from us; a little time apart never hurt anybody. Absence really can make the heart grow fonder.
You can’t expect someone to change for you and, at the end of the day, you probably have some pretty irritating habits yourself. For the most part, try to embrace each other’s quirks. As much as you love each other, you’re never going to match up completely, and you’re bound to be irritated at some stage by something or other. Remember, it’s all about compromise and understanding, so work through any problems you may have together. You can come out the other side stronger for it.

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