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There’s still time to barbie!

Posted on 2013-08-08

Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a dab hand at BBQ cooking, or your food offerings tend to resemble pieces of charcoal than a chicken leg, let’s face it – having a barbie is great fun, and a good excuse to see friends and family, and even enjoy the odd alcoholic drink.
Gone are the days though when Dad or Uncle Dave donned his apron and took charge of the grill to cook up a dodgy looking burger. There’s certainly been a shift in BBQ food fashion, with many people now opting for the more exotic tuna steak, pulled pork or roasted halloumi.
Summer’s still here, so why not invite some friends round, get your barbie out and cook up some al fresco treats! If you’re not sure what you’re doing, need a bit of recipe inspiration – or don’t actually have a BBQ – help is on hand by visiting the website below.
BBQ Talk is packed full of tips, facts and ideas on what to cook, how not to cook, types of barbie, and overall tips on making your BBQ as successful as it can be. You can even join online discussions with other BBQ-ers in your quest to serving the perfect sausage.
So what are you waiting for, expand your BBQ world at BBQ Talk
   What will you put on your barbie?!

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