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Tenant market survey 2017

Posted on 2017-03-28

Survey of the UK’s tenants provides key insights into the UK’s private rented sector

We recently surveyed tenants for their views on the private rented sector to better understand their experiences. The survey, conducted in January, received 20,388 responses. Tenants were asked for their views on the UK’s rental market, their experiences with their landlord/letting agent and their preferences when renting property.

Our survey spanned the entirety of the UK and covered a vast variety of age groups, which allowed us to gain an accurate representation of tenants’ views on the private rented sector, across a number of demographics.

Key findings

  • Renting in the future: 68% of tenants surveyed expect to be renting for a year or longer, and 24.1% didn’t know how long they might be renting for 
  • Home ownership: Almost a half of tenants (46.7%) are currently saving to buy a home; the primary reason given for not buying yet was high house prices and deposit levels 
  • Families: Overall, 29.5% of privately rented households have children 
  • Relationship with landlords: 72% of tenants stated that they are ‘very happy’ (41%) or ‘quite happy’ (31%) with the landlord or organisation that manages their property 
  • Rental prices: 50% of tenants feel the rent they currently pay represents ‘very good value for money’ or ‘quite good value for money’ 
  • Reasons for renting: The top three elements that tenants like most about renting are the flexibility to move easily, property location and the ease of property maintenance

More detail on the responses given by tenants can be seen in the full report.

Click here to view or download the PDF report on the 2017 tenant market survey


About the tenants


Age and gender of tenants


 Which option best describes your household?


29.5% of households have children


How long do you intend to continue renting?



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