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Refurbished furniture

Spruce up your furniture

Posted on 2014-04-01

Recovering a chair smallWhy buy new furniture when you could create your own unique piece by recycling something old? Have a look in magazines, show rooms and shops to get some inspiration, then see how you can transform that piece of furniture you were about to throw out.

A lick of paint can work wonders to give an old piece of furniture a face lift and you could brighten up a room just by changing the colour of a piece of furniture too. Rather than spending on something new, why not give your of furniture a new lease of life!

Channel4 has produced a guide on how best to paint your furniture with a step by step guide. Here’s a quick summary to get you in the creative mood to turn something old into something new…

  • Prepare the surface

You’ll have to consider the state of the wood before you start to paint, do you need to treat the wood or remove old paint before you start

  • Time to paint

Hopefully by now your piece of furniture is ready to paint and you have selected a beautiful colour. Remember not to apply the paint too thick and go with the direction of the wood. Once it is completely dry you can smooth off and start your next coat.

  • The finish

With a range of finishes to choose from, you can have the look you desire - so why not try something a bit adventurous! The look will be complete when you attach all the handles and hardware.

You can read the full guide by visiting the Channel4 website.

It might not just be wooden furniture you want to revamp. Consider the following to renovate other items you may have at home…

  • Re-cover an old sofa with a new design. This can done using a bed sheet or quilt.
  • Re-upholster an old chair to freshen-up its look
  • Transform your picture frames and mirrors with fabric and stencils to match your decor

Whether you’re feeling adventurous, or are in need of some new furniture but can’t afford the expense, this could be a task you end up really enjoying!

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