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Spring cleaning tips

Posted on 2018-05-21

Why wait until the end of your tenancy to have a big clean-up. Instead, if you have a spring clean now, then regularly throughout your tenancy, you won’t be to left with a massive job to get the property up to scratch when you decide to leave. Plus your home will be a generally more pleasant place to live!

When you embark on your spring clean, a checklist is useful for you to tick things off as you work your way through your rooms. There might be a lot on your list - but you will find you can get some of these tasks done pretty quickly.

A checklist we have found to be very useful can be found here

To gear you up for a good spring clean you will want some essential cleaning supplies. According to lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart, the essential cleaning supplies for spring cleaning include; all purpose cleaner, multipurpose powder, rubber gloves, dishwashing liquid and glass and surface cleaner.

For some clever cleaning tricks you can find them on her website by clicking here

It’s easy to hoard unwanted items so why not take this opportunity to make some space and clear out what you don’t need. There are a few ways you could get rid of unwanted items. Donate clothes and home accessories to your local charity shop, give them to friends and family or make yourself some extra cash by holding a car boot sale – or selling your items on the internet. Check online or in your local newspaper to find out where and when your nearest car boot sale is held.

…or why not give your unwanted items new leases of life…click here to find out more.

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