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Save energy and money

How to save energy and money

Posted on 2014-04-07

Save energy and moneySaving energy, although extremely important isn’t just about the environmental factors, but it’s also a really easy way to save money on your utility bills too. With just a few simple changes to your home and your lifestyle you could save yourself hundreds of pounds.

Money Saving Expert is encouraging people to join its ‘Cheap Energy Club’ to make sure you’re not paying more than you should for your energy bills.

Once you’ve signed up, Money Saving Expert checks if you’re on the cheapest deal for your gas and electricity.

Monthly comparison checks are then carried out to make sure you’re still on the cheapest deal...and if you’re not they’ll alert you and let you know what the best deals are.

The Club is free join and claims to take the hassle out of switching providers.

For more information about the Cheap Energy Club and to join now, visit the Money Saving Expert website.

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