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Moving 101: What you’re bound to forget

Posted on 2014-10-07

There’s always something you forget when moving and it’s usually something really important. Many often-forgotten-things can be sorted before you move, whilst a few others need to wait until after.

From finding a new school for the kids, to changing your address with the DVLA, we’ve compiled a handy list of things that you might miss when moving.

Change of address

  • Mobile phone providers
  • Credit cards, store cards, savings accounts & bank accounts
  • Council tax
  • TV License
  • Loyalty cards – don’t let someone else have all those money-off vouchers!
  • Insurance (home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, private medical insurance & life insurance)
  • Breakdown cover & car dealership (if your car’s under warranty)
  • Gym membership 
  • DVLA – you could be fined £1000 for not informing them of a move
  • Pension provider(s)
  • HMRC – let the government know you’ve moved so it doesn’t affect any benefits you receive
  • Electoral roll – not only will you still be able to vote, but it could be good for your credit rating too
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Premium Bonds
  • Work – it’s surprising how many people forget to tell their employer their new address 
  • Friends & relatives – send a nice card and let people know where to find you
  • Online accounts such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal etc.

Potential new accounts

  • Doctor’s surgery – some GPs have catchment areas, make sure you’re still included in yours, or look for a new doctor. It can take time to register and then be able to make an appointment
  • Dentist – it can be hard to get registered with dentists, so the sooner you start looking the better
  • Schools & nurseries – either let them know you’re moving, or start looking for a new place to send the kids if you’re moving further afield
  • Telephone/TV/internet providers – either shop around and switch, or let your current provider know your new address – be aware there may be a charge to change your phone connection, make sure you ask so you’re not out of pocket!
  • Contents insurance – make sure that not only is your liability as a tenant covered, but your personal possessions are too

So we think that covers everything but, if you think we’ve forgotten something, let us know in the comments section below.

For handy reminders to complete the above tasks, plus much more, check out our new app – Let’s Move - and get organised for your big day.


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