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HomeLet urge tenants to protect their belongings

Posted on 2011-08-14

HomeLet, the market leading provider of insurance solutions to the lettings industry, is encouraging tenants to make sure their possessions are covered following the release of the British Crime Survey for 2010/11.

The Survey, released this July, found a general decrease in crime levels across England and Wales, although highlighted a 14 percent increase in domestic burglaries since last year.

Statisticians from the Home Office said that although some predictions relating to the rise in crime had been linked to the recession and rising unemployment, there was no consistent evidence to suggest that crimes involving property were a result of the difficult economic conditions. 

However they did suggest that other statistics, such as the 4 percent rise in the theft of unattended mobile phones and purses could be an early sign that larger increases were on the way.

John Boyle, Managing Director, HomeLet, said: “We can often carry around up to £1,000 worth of belongings with us on a day-to-day basis, including our iPods, laptops, designer sunglasses and cameras, to name but a few.

“And it’s surprising just how easily a thief can relieve you of your possessions whilst you’re sat drinking coffee or surfing the web in a cyber café.  That’s why it’s really important to be vigilant with securing your bag and keeping an eye on your belongings whist you’re out and about. 

“And with recent reports of a rise in burglaries, over the past year, it’s now even more important to ensure you’re securely locking your home and keeping your valuables out of sight when you leave.”

A recent report, from the British Housing Association, has also shown a significant increase in the number of people privately renting and has also suggested this trend will continue to grow. However although many more people are renting, according to the Chartered Institute of Housing, only 12-15 percent of tenants are ever taking up their own insurance to protect their contents.

Jewellery, TVs, laptops, DVD players, iPods, games consoles, bicycles and even clothes are some of the items largely targeted by thieves, but without the right insurance, tenants could find themselves out of pocket.

John Boyle added: “HomeLet is trusted to protect over £600 million pounds worth of tenants’ contents and over the years we have covered hundreds of thousands of tenants, on average, paying out over £1500 for theft claims - money that tenants could find themselves paying out if they were not covered.

“With a HomeLet Tenant’s Contents Insurance+ policy we’ll cover a tenant if their possessions are damaged or stolen from their home.  And because we know tenants so well, we also know how important it is to help protect their liability as a tenant too!

“So, as well as covering their contents, we’ll also offer them up to £5,000 of additional cover in case they accidentally damage their landlord’s furnishings, fittings and fixtures -  which means if they accidentally spill red wine on their landlord’s carpet – their policy could cover them.”

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