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Get your garden ready for summer

Posted on 2014-04-01

get garden ready for summerIf your rented home has a garden, and we’re lucky enough to have a good summer this year, you’ll want to make the most of the sunny afternoons in your garden. BBQ season is fast approaching but are you ready? Here are a few tips to get started with your garden preparations so you it is not left to the last minute.

Get rid of those weeds
Start weeding now so you don’t have to spend a nice summer day doing a job we all hate.
Why wait when you can start this task now and get it out the way in time for summer. The weather might not be great but you’ll be glad you started early when the hot days arrive.

A splash of colour
It is also a good idea to start tending to your pots and plants. These will give your garden a splash of colour and will impress your guests if you have people round. If you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours in your garden tending to plants, there are some low maintenance options to choose from to keep it looking nice with minimum effort.

These include…

  • Clematis – can handle the cold weather and don’t need pruning. It thrives in all soil types as long as it is well drained
  • Nasturtium – thrive when left alone and tolerates poor soil
  • Geranium – flowers for months at a time with no effort in all soil types so no need to check your soil
  • Verbena – a fast spreader that thrives in all soil types as long as it is well drained
  • Wave Petunias – requires little pruning but requires a little fertilizer and frequent watering
  • Yarrow – requires full sun but can thrive in poor soil and no fertilizer

The grass is always greener in summer
Looking after your lawn is another task you would probably rather forget about. Starting to look after and prepare the grass in spring means you will be ready to enjoy it in the summer.

A few simple things you could do are:

  • Spread some fertiliser in the spring months
  • Reseed bare patches
  • Remove the weeds
  • Mow your lawn

Grow your own
If you want to make more out of your garden and save money on your weekly shop, why not plant your own fruit and vegetables?

You will also be able to show off to BBQ guests when you produce your own home grown items to cook. Now is the time to start planning and prepare your seeds for planting in the back garden.

Here are some ideas of what you could grow:

  • Strawberries for your refreshing cocktails
  • Carrots to add crunch to your salad
  • Potatoes for a potato salad will be popular at a BBQ
  • Lettuce to accompany those tasty burgers

You can find information to grow some of these foods as well as many more on BBC Good Food website.

Before you make any drastic changes to your garden, be sure to consult with your landlord. You will probably find though they’re delighted you’re looking after the garden!

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