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Don’t burn your bridges this Bonfire Night!

Posted on 2014-10-30

Bonfire night is a fun occasion, both for the young and the young at heart. If you’re renting a property and you want to hold your own bonfire or fireworks party, there are a few things you’ll need to think about first.

Your tenancy agreement

Many tenancy agreements prohibit any kind of bonfires, so it’s a good idea to check yours and make sure. If yours doesn’t specify you can’t have a bonfire, but you’re unsure as to whether you could still get in trouble for it, have a chat with your landlord.

Your neighbours

Your tenancy agreement should also state that you mustn’t pose any kind of nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours, or engage in antisocial behaviour. It would be a sensible idea (and a nice thing to do) to pop round a few days before and let neighbours know that you’re planning the party, no matter how small it might be.

This way, they can be prepared for any noise or smoke and make arrangements to be away from home that night if they want to. If your neighbour is unsure whether they’re happy with your plans to hold a bonfire or fireworks display, it may be a good idea to try and compromise by agreeing a reasonable time for you to stop – or invite them to join you!

Your safety

There are plenty of guidelines online that have tips on keeping safe when handling fireworks or lighting fires, they’re definitely worth looking at and following.

In terms of protecting yourself with regards to your tenancy agreement, have a look at your garden and be really honest with yourself as to whether it’s safe to set off fireworks or light fires.

If your garden is very small or has overhanging trees, for example, it’s probably too risky to continue with your plan. If there’s even the slightest doubt, don’t do it. Better to forgo the fireworks but be safe in the knowledge that you won’t cause massive damage or risk losing your deposit or your tenancy.

This doesn’t mean the fun’s over though - ask a friend if you can use their space or, better still, find a local display that you can go to instead – if anything, it’ll save you some money!

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