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Best cities to rent with pets

Posted on 2019-06-12

Have you been searching for your next dream home only to be faced with a barrier because you have a dog, cat, rabbit or another furry friend coming with you?

Finding the perfect rental property can be a struggle in itself, never mind trying to find one that will accept your pet as well.

Here at HomeLet, we decided to investigate the best potential places to rent in the UK for those with animals of any kind. We had a dig around and considered factors such as the amount of green space each city had, the percentage of people with pets, number of pet-friendly rentals and much more.

best cities table

Pet percentages

When browsing online or in shop windows for your next rental, should you be looking at places where there is a high percentage of people with pets?

In an interesting twist it seems as though it doesn’t make much of a difference at all, as 55% of those living in Newcastle have a pet, however according to our overall most pet-friendly rankings, the city only sits at number 12 in our top 15. Nottingham came close 2nd with 54% of people stating they have a pet and sits in 3rd place in our overall rankings.

percentage with pets

Surprisingly, only 24% of Londoners claim to have a furry friend at home, but the city sat top of the highest ranking 15 locations! It appears that London is well equipped with pet-friendly pubs, kennels, dog walkers and pet-friendly homes, and would be the top choice if you were on the hunt for a rental for you and your best friend.

What about the total number of pets?

With the percentage of people with pets making a variety of impacts depending on the city, we decided next to look at the overall number of pets per city…and there are a lot!

total pets

With over 2.1 million pets in London, over 568,000 in Birmingham and 353,000 in Leeds, it seems as though many of us love having a little furry bundle of joy at home; but does this impact the overall pet-friendliness of the cities they live in?

It appears in most cases it does, with London sitting top of our rankings for the most pet-friendly city and most pet-friendly rentals, and Birmingham coming in a close second across the board. Although not boasting many pet-friendly pubs, Birmingham seems to be the best place to live if you have a pet but don’t want to live in the country’s capital.

Source Total Number of Pets :


Which city has the most pet-friendly rentals?

pet friendly rentals

Standing strong in the number 1 position is London, with 8.4% of its rentals being deemed as pet friendly. Mix that with the number of vets, walkers and pet sitting services per person, and it becomes the ideal city to rent in if you’re taking your furry friend with you.

Second to London is Aberdeen - surprising as the city only sits in 13th place in our overall rankings. Despite 3.8% of its rentals being pet friendly, it lacks in dog walkers, kennels, pet sitting services and pet shops. So, if Aberdeen is one of your top choices of places to rent, make sure you search to see where your local pet amenities are.

Source Number of Pet Friendly Rentals (taken on 29/05/2019)


If you’re on the hunt, make sure you consider everything

Finding a pet-friendly rental is not as easy as it seems.

Despite many cities having green spaces to take your dog for a walk, they lack in other areas such as the availability of vets or kennels.

Your landlord might have Landlord Insurance which will cover things such as their furniture, fixtures and fittings, but it won’t cover pets. Since the introduction of the Tenants Fee Act, deposits are now capped by law to a maximum of 5 weeks rent. Landlords who have previously agreed to allow pets based on a higher deposit, in case of damage or a clause to deep clean at the end of tenancy will no longer be legally allowed to do so, so this may reduce the number of Landlords who will accept pets, but as it was only introduced 1 June 2019 it’s too early to say.

When looking for your next rental, it’s worth having an open an honest conversation with your potential landlord or the letting agent involved, to fully understand the clauses of your tenancy agreement.  Introducing a pet if your tenancy agreement states you cannot could risk you breaching the terms of your tenancy agreement and risk you being evicted. Asking for a specific pet-reference from your existing landlord may go some way to reassuring your landlord to take on a renter with pets.


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