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A beginner’s guide: Create a spring-ready garden

Posted on 2018-04-12

No matter what your budget or how temporary your accommodation – we think everyone should be able to enjoy a pretty garden in the spring.

The good news is, you don’t need to be too green-fingered in order to create an outdoor space you’ll enjoy – you just need a little bit of imagination and some elbow grease.

We can’t stress enough though, that any permanent changes must be run past your landlord first – to ensure you’re not in breach of your tenancy agreement.

Work with what space youve got

Even if the place you’re renting only has a tiny patio, balcony or window box – get creative and think up ways to use the space.

Play around with different sized pots, lights, mirrors and decorations to create a look that’s to your taste. Hang planters to the inside of your balcony, line a window box with pretty flowers or tie bunting, ribbons or solar lights to the railings.

If you want your garden to have purpose; why not try planting fresh lavender, herbs or salad leaves? Simply snip some off when you’re cooking, remember to water them, and they’ll grow back in no time.

Mow the lawn

If you’re lucky enough to have a lawn, now’s the time to mow it. Hopefully your landlord left you a lawnmower but, if not, ask a neighbour or friend to borrow theirs every so often – maybe offer to mow their lawn as payment.

In flowerbeds, there are likely to be weeds emerging – and you’ll need to get rid of them, before they start to spread and grow. You don’t need big tools for this, gloves and a trowel will suffice. Don’t forget to weed between any paving slabs too!

Add a splash of colour

Pots and planters are a fantastic way to instantly transform an outdoor space. Not only are they a cheap, fun alternative to a traditional flowerbed, but you can take them with you if you move.

Paint your pots, planters or window boxes to add even more colour – or spray paint old buckets to make DIY planters.

You can buy your pots pre-planted from garden centres, or have some fun planting your own.

Unique furniture on a budget

You can buy cheap outdoor furniture sets from most high street furniture retailers and DIY shops. However, why not have some fun sourcing second hand, mismatched chairs and tables from charity shops or car boots and spray painting them in bright summer shades or spring pastels?

Tie ribbons to the backs of the chairs or add smaller planted pots to the table, plus a solar lantern or two to complete the look.


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