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A teenager’s top 10 tips for a stylish bedroom

Posted on 2016-07-11

Note from the HomeLet Team:

We’ve got a guest writer in this week – Zoe Barlow, 14, has shared with us her ideas on stylish decor for a teenager’s bedroom, without the worry of going against the terms of your tenancy agreement.

So, whether you’re a teenager yourself, looking for some tips on how to brighten up your room on a budget – or you’re a parent and have no idea where to start with these things - Zoe’s got it covered!

When you move into a new house and see your room for the first time, millions of ideas of your perfect room rush around in your head. However, all are quickly shattered on remembering the tenancy agreement - and that all the rooms in the house look exactly the same.

No brightly coloured walls. No frames on the wall. No new, soft carpets. Just the (most likely) porridge coloured decor - and your imagination.

1. Get adventurous with your bedding

Photo Credit: niftyncrafty

The right pillows can liven up a neutral decor and transform your living space from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah!’. If DIY is one of your hobbies you can make pillows (such as the ones here) - which will make your room feel even more like yours!

2. Minimalism

Photo Credit: Valkoinen Harmaja

Make the most of a bad situation. Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular, and with white walls and packed boxes, an opportunity arises. Buy modern decor and get rid of that stuff you’re ‘going to get rid of some day’. You’re welcome.

3. Make it personal. Really personal.

blue i style RecordFeatureWall

Photo Credit: blue i style

Blu-tack isn’t usually forbidden in tenancy agreements, so you can stick endless photos up of your friends, family, or pets - but don’t stop there. Buy records of your favourite bands, posters of your favourite shows, sheet music, artwork… slap them on your walls as well!

Surround yourself with things you love, and your room couldn’t get any more personal and unique.

4. Introduce yourself to fairy lights

Photo Credit: House to Home

Perhaps a more feminine touch, but fairy lights can really brighten up a room (no pun intended). They make your room look like something straight out of a movie - and they come in all shapes, sizes, and colours so you can have as many different types as you wish!

5. Show off your style

m occa
Photo Credit: m-occa

Display your favourite clothes and shoes with a clothes rack. You can get cheap ones in most places - this one is from IKEA and is only £14! It saves you money on buying a wardrobe - and what better way to love your new room than having all your favourite clothes on display?

6. Save up for cool lighting

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

Lighten up, and grab yourself some RGB LED strips and those walls will never be neutral again! Most LED strips come with controllers so you can change the colour - and you can put them anywhere! They can make the plainest of rooms look the most enticing.

7. Grow green fingers

Photo Credit: Image Story

Every room needs something living in it - apart from you - and plants are a great way to introduce nature into your room. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the patience or the memory for plants, and basically kill everything you touch, cacti and fake plants are your new best friends.

8. Paint your furniture


Photo Credit: House to Home

Sure, you can’t paint your walls… so paint your furniture instead! Say goodbye to neutral palettes and hello to your new colourful decor. You could even get a whole new hobby out of some second-hand drawers and a few tins of paint!

9. Invest in a tapestry


Photo Credit: fyeahdormrooms

Tapestries are much better than painting walls or putting up wallpaper. You can use them as headboards, hang them from the ceiling, use them as a rug, or put them on your bed.

The best part is that you can get them very cheap, and when they come in so many cool patterns how can you refuse? Someone even found a way of hanging them up without nails - all you’ll need is adhesive tape and clothes pegs.

10. Be clever with storage

derring hall

Photo Credit: Derring Hall

Clever ideas like this can not only make your room look cooler - they can save so much space. Simple organisation and storage can make you look like you have your life together (even if you really don’t).

Here’s a link to show you that a little organisation does it all - and will make you glad you had such a blank canvas to start off with.

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