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4 simple ways to make the most of a small space

Posted on 2018-07-25

If you’re renting in an expensive city, like London, or you’re moving away from home for the first time, it’s likely that you won’t have the biggest house or flat to start with.
It can be tempting to cram all of your existing things in there and hope for the best, or go for the extreme-minimalist look, but there are still ways you can live in a small space, with big style.

1. Two uses for everything

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dual-purpose furniture; from sofa beds to chairs with bookshelves in, you just need to use your imagination. For example, a vintage trunk easily doubles as a coffee table with added storage room. 

IKEA also sell a lot of pieces designed for small-space living, such as this amazing 2 in 1 lamp/stool combo.

ikea ps led stool lamp 0247343 PE386133 S4

2. Get creative with storage

You may look around your kitchen/bathroom/whole house and think ‘there’s no way I’m going to have room to store all my stuff’ – but you’d be wrong!

Think outside of the box and you’ll find there are plenty of ways to increase your existing storage space.

Use a shoe hanger on the inside of a cupboard door to store cleaning products, utensils, spices or anything else you’ve got in abundance.


Put tension rods in cupboards to hang spray bottles. These also work in the bottom of wardrobes for shoes, vertically in cupboards to stack plates and pan-lids – plus much more. The best part is you don’t need any nails or glue, so your landlord will be happy too! 

thousand words

3. Divide and conquer

If it’s your space looking cramped, or not having enough privacy, that you’re worried about – try dividing rooms up.

Room dividers are perfect for closing off spaces (especially in studio apartments) but can be expensive. Try using book cases, TV units or side tables to add more rooms to your... room.


4. High & low

It’s easy to forget the space under your furniture and above your head. Store lesser-used items under your bed, sofa and anywhere else there’s space.

Vacuum storage bags are great for this, as you can fit in a lot of clothes, bed linen and even pillows. Under-bed storage boxes are also handy, especially if they come on casters or wheels, for easy access.


It’s also worth asking your landlord if you can put up some shelves, which will be invaluable for storage and will instantly make the room look more put-together.

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