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Market datasets you should be looking out for

Posted on 2015-01-12

Judging the sentiments in the market is incredibly difficult, especially due to the volatility of the economy. However, there are several datasets that can help you judge these sentiments accurately. Here, we have put together a list of some of the best datasets around, and where you can find them.

English Housing Survey:

The English Housing Survey is a continuous survey sanctioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government. It shows details about people’s housing circumstances, the energy efficiency of their houses as well as their general condition.

The survey includes both a household interview and a physical inspection of a small sub sample.

You can see the latest report here.

Expected releases: February and July.


Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee decisions:

Any rate decision announced by the Bank of England is announced here at 12 noon immediately following the Thursday meeting.

It is also available on the wire services’ Bank of England page.

The page also includes access to archived decisions and voting spreadsheets. Each decision is made on a one-person one-vote basis, with the Governor of the Bank of England holding the casting decision if a majority cannot be reached.

Expected releases: The third Wednesday of each month. Inflation reports are also published quarterly (February, May, August and November).


ARLA’s PRS Survey:

Released quarterly, and with archived data available online, the ARLA group of buy-to-let mortgage lenders public research conducted by Owen Carey who specialise in the mortgage market.

The results include surveys of residential landlords and financial advisors in the hope of keeping lenders up to date with agents’ requirements and concerns as economic times change.

You can find the most recent survey as well as all the archived versions here.

Expected releases: Quarterly (March, June, September, December).


RICS UK Construction Market Survey:

Known as the leading sentiment indicator in the UK construction market, the RICS Construction Market Survey measures sentiment among members who are working in the sector.

You can download it for free here.

Expected releases: The second working day of each month.


RICS UK Residential Market survey:

Similar to the above Construction Market Survey, the Residential Market Survey is a leading indicator in the UK residential sales and lettings markets. 

Here, the last two years of survey data are available to download.

Expected releases: The second Thursday of each month.


London Housing Strategy:

The London Housing Strategy contains policies outlined by the Mayor to support London’s working household as well as the city’s growing population.

The latest, available here, was formally adopted in October 2014 after public consultation in November 2013.

Expected releases: Formally adopted in October 2014


Halifax House Price Index:

With monthly and quarterly results available, the Halifax House Price Index is the UK’s longest running house price series, with data for the entirety of the country stretching as far back as 1983.

Usually released in the first week of the month, you can see the latest releases here.

Expected releases: The first week of each month.


Markit / CIPS UK Construction PMI:

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) surveys have been designed in order to provide an accurate and timely set of data that can be used to better understand industry conditions.

Based on surveys of carefully selected companies, they provide an advanced and detailed view of the private sector by tracking variables such as output, new orders, stock levels, employment and prices across the manufacturing, construction, retail and service sectors. You can see the latest releases here.

Expected releases: The third working day of each month at 9.30am.


ONS Consumer Price Indices:

Produced on a monthly basis, and available here, the consumer price index is widely respected.

Produced by the ONS, the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics, the consumer price index is the measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services.

Expected releases: Exact dates vary, but it is usually the third Tuesday of each month.


The HomeLet Rental Index:

With data gathered from our tenant referencing service, the HomeLet Rental Index provides information on average rental amounts for new tenancies as well as information on tenant demographics such as their average age, income and residential status.

The Rental Index provides comprehensive and up-to-date data on new tenancies, with HomeLet being an integral part of the referencing process for around 350,000 tenants each year.

Expected releases: Monthly - on or around the 14th

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