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Local schools are a top priority for parents

Posted on 2016-02-15

Back in October, we surveyed 14,782 tenants as part of our Tenant Satisfaction Survey, and it produced some intriguing results. Within our data, we found that 32% of our respondents were parents who were currently renting with their children. Of the respondents who are parents, a huge 72% told us that local schools were a ‘very important’ factor in deciding their next rental home. This made it the top priority for parents looking for a new rental home. Here we look at why the quality of local schools is important for parents and landlords alike, as well as how you can research the quality of schools near you.

Why local schools can be important

As a parent you’ll understandably want to give your children the best start in life and, the better the school, the better the education they can receive. If you live in a good school catchment area, your child stands a much higher chance of enrolling in a good quality school. You can find the catchment area of your local school online. Aside from the quality of teaching and learning available at local schools, you’re also likely to want to consider travel; especially if you’re looking for a primary school. A high quality school within walking distance of a family home is undoubtedly a lure for parents due to the many positives it provides for their children.

If you’re a landlord targeting young families with your rental homes, it’s recommended to take a look at the quality of schools in the local area. By selecting properties in areas with good schools, you’ll be more likely to find the type of tenant you’re looking for; especially as parents with children see this as their top priority when looking for a rental home. When marketing your property, be sure to emphasise the quality of the local schools to prospective tenants and be prepared to do your research beforehand. Finding out about the quality of local schools is easy…

How to find out about the quality of local schools

If you’re carrying out a property search, or you have reservations about the local schools in an area you’re looking at, you can find their recent Ofsted reports here. These can tell you when the most recent inspection was and what grade they received across a number of different teaching areas. There will also be an overall assessment of ‘Outstanding (1)’ ‘Good (2)’ ‘Requires Improvement (3)’ and ‘Inadequate (4)’ – the first two grades being the most desirable. Outstanding schools are highly sought after by parents so, if you can find properties in those areas as either a tenant or a landlord you’re in luck.

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