Optimum Reference

Taking a little extra time to research your prospective tenants can pay dividends in the long run. With our Optimum Tenant Reference, you’ll get all the same comprehensive background checks our Insight and Enhance products offer, and we’ll also work with you to remove the tenant from the property if they fail to pay the rent.

Our Optimum Tenant Reference includes:

Complete credit check, including adverse history such as CCJs and bankruptcy
Background search on previous names, addresses and aliases
Assurance that their bank account is genuine
Cross referencing against HomeLet’s Default Database
Contacting current landlord or managing agent for a reference, ensuring that the tenant paid on time and looked after the property
Employment check to establish your tenant’s salary (and that their employment isn’t likely to be terminated)
• Help from our Legal Team to remove your tenant if they fail to pay their rent in the first 12 months

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