Combined Rent Guarantee

While you take every precaution to rent to only reliable tenants, their circumstances can sometimes change outside their control. When this happens, it’s natural to be sympathetic, but also important to ensure your landlord still receives the rental income to cover their mortgage or outgoings. Our range of Rent Guarantees can help to assure this income and cover legal costs.

Offering your landlords Rent Guarantee

Letting Agents often include Rent Guarantee as part of the service that they offer to their Landlords. With our Rent Guarantee products we produce the contractual guarantee documentation for the Letting Agent to provide to their Landlord. The Rent Guarantee policy will be in the Letting Agents name and they will be responsible for the processing of any claims.

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To offer your business even more, we offer three account packages which include Premier and PremierPlus. If you want to talk to us about Rent Guarantee or our find out more about our account packages, call our New Agent team on 0800 035 8252.

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