Are you targeting the silver landlord?

Posted on 21/05/2015

It may be nothing new, but after significant changes to the pension system last month, many property and finance experts are predicting a surge in the number of ‘silver landlords’ entering the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

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The proposed letting agent fee ban: an update

Posted on 23/04/2015

For the UK’s letting agents and landlords, much of this time last year was spent debating, reading and worrying about a proposed letting agent fee ban.

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How to stay on top of Right to Rent checks and the story so far

Posted on 13/04/2015

Last year we witnessed the arrival of Right to Rent (R2R) checks, a government requirement for landlords – or their managing agent – to check that prospective tenants are legally allowed to rent in the UK.

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