Why your landlords should be targeting families and retirees

Posted on 02/08/2016

To the outside world, the Private Rented Sector (PRS) is predominantly made up of students and young professionals saving up to purchase their first property.

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What is the Renters' Rights Bill?

Posted on 20/07/2016

There's a new Bill moving through Parliament which, if made law, proposes to ban letting agents charging fees to tenants.

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How many landlords and tenants are there in the UK

How many landlords & tenants are there in the UK?

Posted on 23/06/2016

Out of the UK's population of around 65 million people and 26 million+ households, just how any are landlords and tenants in the PRS?

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Should landlords let tenants keep pets?

Posted on 09/06/2016

A recent study conducted by online letting agent lettingaproperty.com found that landlords are increasingly allowing tenants to keep pets in their rental properties.

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