PropTech: Questions to ask before committing to a new product

Posted on 24/04/2018

Committing to a new product or service is a big consideration and here are the key questions you need to be asking before signing up to the latest PropTech innovation.

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Agents dropping fees - the right move for business?

Posted on 29/06/2017

With a proposed ban on letting agent fees charged to tenants in 2018, some agents are already taking action, but is this the right move for business?

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How do landlords see the future of the rental market?

Posted on 22/03/2017

The rental market is always changing and landlords are central to this evolution. The industry has been going through various changes in the past few years - changes that’ll have a tangible effect on the future of private renting in the UK.

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ARLA Propertymark: 2017 – what lies ahead?

Posted on 07/03/2017

ARLA Propertymark spoke with agents to ask their views on what the burning issues are likely to be in 2017; read on to see what they had to say.

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