5 Star Defaqto rated Landlord Insurance

We’re pleased to announce that we've been awarded a Five Star Defaqto Rating for our Landlord’s Insurance+ policy. 

Landlord Home Insurance 5 Standard RGB 2017

Defaqto – independent financial research

Our five stars were awarded through an in-depth ‘Star Ratings’ process conducted by Defaqto, to analyse and assess the key features, benefits and terms and conditions of our landlord policy.

Defaqto is an independent financial research company and one of the UK’s leading providers of financial product ratings. They conduct in-depth research to analyse and asses the key features, benefits and terms and conditions of a financial product or insurance policy.

They operate in more than 50 categories - across banking, general insurance, life and protection, and pensions and investments – offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The end goal is to support better financial decision-making and greater effectiveness in the creation, management and distribution of financial products. So that’s great news for you, because it means as a landlord, you can be reassured that the insurance you’re buying has been independently assessed.

What are Star Ratings?

Defaqto work to produce a range of independent ‘Ratings’ – including Star Ratings, Diamond Ratings and Service Ratings – to support better financial decision making for customers.

These independently awarded ratings allow you to gauge the quality of a financial product or insurance policy, safe in the knowledge that the experts at Defaqto have conducted a thorough analysis of its features and benefits.

Why are Star Ratings important?

Defaqto places significant emphasis on the quality of cover a product or policy offers. This focus on quality means you can see clearly where the product sits in terms of the market and how extensive the cover is - only the most comprehensive policies receive five stars.

Defaqto’s independent and unbiased review so you can be sure you have all the facts before making a decision about which product is right for your needs.

For more information about Defaqto and the ‘Star Rating’ process please visit defaqto.com.

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