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Landlords Advice eBook: free download

Posted on 2016-05-31

With ongoing reforms impacting on the sector and fluctuations in supply and demand, it can be a challenge to predict what the year ahead may hold for landlords.

Before you make any important decisions regarding rental properties, it pays off to take a look at the advice offered by property owners who have survived the ups and downs.

We have put together a handy, downloadable eBook that offers landlords’ advice with regional relevance. Today, we share the first in the series that focuses on three key regions: Greater London, the South East and the North West - with subsequent regions to follow.

The eBook provides useful information and first-hand insights on what it’s like to be a landlord, tips and tricks on how to survive in a sometimes difficult sector, industry developments and key data snippets relevant to your local area.

We also teamed up with landlords and tenants from each local area to share their insights. Click the image below for your free download and, if you like it, let us know @HomeLet on Twitter using the hashtag #LandlordsAdvice!


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