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Landlord survey 2017 blog

Landlord market survey 2017

Posted on 2017-03-02

Survey of the UK’s landlords provides key insights into the UK’s private rented sector

New research, based on the largest survey to date of UK landlords, provides detailed insight on landlords' views and experiences of the private rented sector. The survey, conducted in January, received 3,726 responses. Landlords were asked for their views on the UK’s rental market, their experiences with their tenants and their expectations for the year ahead.

Our survey spanned the entirety of the UK and covered a vast variety of age groups, which allowed us to gain an accurate representation of landlords’ views on the private rented sector across a number of demographics.

Key findings

  • Property investment: 76.2% of landlords have no intention of expanding their property portfolio in 2017, with 10.5% saying that they'll reduce the size of their portfolio
  • Relationship with tenants: 90% of landlords stated that they were "very happy" (55%) or "quite happy" (35%) with their current tenants
  • Rental prices: 31.1% of landlords don't plan on increasing their rents in the near future
  • Reasons for rental price changes: The primary reason stated for any increases in rent was to keep up with inflation and market forces (55%); the second was because of increased tax liability (21.3%) 
  • Concerns for the next 12 months: 31.4% of landlords said that more potential changes to legislation was a concern
  • Landlord experience: 62.7% of landlords surveyed have now been a landlord for over six years
  • Whilst the majority of landlords said that they were happy with their current tenants, over 50% of landlords stated that they've had to deal with a problem tenant in the past 
  • Additional property investment for "accidental landlords": 24.8% of respondents who became a landlord accidentally now own more than one property 
  • Mortgage levels: Almost 40% of respondents own their investment properties outright with no mortgage 

More detail on the responses given by landlords can be seen in the full report.  

Click here to view or download the PDF report on the 2017 landlord survey  

About the landlords

How long have you been a landlord?

Landlord survey 2017 how long a landlord

How did you become a landlord?

Landlord survey 2017 how did you becoome a landlord

Type of landlord (based on how they became a landlord)

landlord survey type

How many properties do you own? 

Landlord survey 2017 how many properties do you own

How many properties are owned split by the type of landlord

Landlord survey 2017 how many by type


 View the full report 

Landlord survey 2017

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