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Have You Seen our New Defaqto Comparison Tool?

Posted on 2015-02-03

We’re pleased to announce that we've been awarded a 2015 Five Star Defaqto Rating for our Landlord Insurance+ policy!

We’ve recently launched our brand new comparison tool, powered by the independent financial researcher Defaqto. Using our new tool, you can compare our Landlord Insurance+ product with other policies on the market.

In this post, we let you know who Defaqto are, what star ratings mean, and how our comparison tool can help show you how our Landlord Insurance+ policy compares.

Take a look at our new tool today.

The headlines

• HomeLet’s Landlord Insurance+ is a Defaqto five star product
• This can be compared against all other products on the market
• See the key product features of all other landlord insurance products

Who are Defaqto?

An independent financial research company, Defaqto are one of the UK’s leading providers of financial product ratings.

Defaqto’s aim is to help the public make better financial decisions. As part of this, they intend for their input will make financial products better, with greater management and creation processes with the public in mind.

On an individual level, this means that you can be reassured by the fact that the landlord insurance policy of your choice has been independently assessed.

In order to draw their conclusions and provide ‘Star Ratings’, Defaqto conduct in-depth research into products and services, they analyse key features and benefits of products, as well as their terms and conditions.

They cover more than 50 categories from financial products to insurance policies, Defaqto offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise and, as a result, their independent opinion is one that you can trust.

But, how do they rate these products, and what does our five star rating mean?

What do stars mean?

Defaqto ratings come in the form of ‘Star Ratings’ and these allow you to gauge the quality of a financial product in comparison to its competitors.

With the experts at Defaqto placing a specific emphasis on the quality of cover a policy or product offers, attention is paid to its features and benefits. Defaqto speak to landlords to understand the key features that they feel are the most important when buying insurance. With this, you can know exactly where the policy you’re considering sits in the market; especially as only the most comprehensive cover available receives five stars. With Defaqto’s ratings, you know that you’ll get an independent view.

How can our tool help you?

Our Defaqto-powered tool allows you to compare the key features of other landlord insurance policies on the market, meaning that you can make an informed decision you can trust.

We understand that choosing the right insurance policy for a buy-to-let property can be difficult, but our comparison tool is designed to make it a little bit easier.

All you have to do is select the name of the policy, or policies, that you’d like to compare against our Five star Defaqto rated Landlord Insurance+ product, and our comparison tool will display them side by side, helping you to choose the right policy for you.

So, why not give our comparison tool a try today and see how well we compare?

Use the compare tool

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