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Decorating for Landlords: Bathrooms

Posted on 2014-11-11

If you need to replace the bathroom in your property, you’re probably already prepared to spend a bit of money doing so. However, there are ways to save money whilst protecting your investment in the long term.

There’s a difference between a cheap bathroom and one that’s good value. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true – you might spend less on a cheap bath in the short term but, if the material is thin, it’ll crack more easily and you may end up shelling out for another much sooner than you’d like.

If your bathroom is small, a shower is preferable to a bath. However, there are lots of bathroom suites designed for small spaces, so see if you can fit a bath in (with a shower over it) before writing the idea off completely.

On the subject of showers, a powerful shower is something many prospective tenants will check for before agreeing to let the property, so opt for the best one your budget will allow.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest threats to any bathroom is mould – the spread of which is something every landlord dreads. Simple steps, such as the effective application of sealant, mould-protect paint, tiled walls and floors and a good extractor fan should help prevent damp and mould – but your tenants will need to play their part too.

In terms of colours, neutrals are always best as they don’t date as quickly. White is a must for a bathroom suite, for the same reason. One part of a bathroom that’s almost guaranteed to look past its best quickly is the grout – which can be hard to get back to pristine white. Consider a darker grout if you don’t want to have to tackle the white once your tenants leave.

Once the suite is fitted and the tiles and flooring are in place, consider adding some storage space (if there isn’t some already), a nice blind at the window and a decent-sized mirror – if your budget allows. These little touches could make all the difference when marketing your property to prospective tenants.

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